It’s now several days since the news broke of the tragic passing of Jaimi Lee Curry Kenny who passed away at just 33 years of age following a private battle with a long-term illness.

Now a devastated Fifi Box has broken her silence on the passing of Jaimi, a half sister to Fifi’s daughter Trixie, taking to Instagram to pay tribute to the incredible bond that the two sisters shared.

Jaimi was a huge part of Fifi and Trixie’s life.

The post on Wednesday night featured an album of never-before-seen photos of the sisters together and the images are heartbreaking as the magnitude of Trixie’s loss hits home.

“The loss of such a beautiful loving sister and friend is suffocating. We laughed, we cried, we shared so many wonderful memories that I will keep alive for Trixie who loved her big sister so much, her little heart is broken,” 43-year-old Fifi said.

“You loved Trixie with all your heart and she felt every inch of your love.”

“With every tight squeezy cuddle your love poured into her. We were so blessed to have you in our lives. You were such a true and loyal friend, we love you so much and can’t bear the pain of you not being here 💔.”

In every image Fifi shared, the sisters are connected in the most loving way.

The album, which must have been devastating for Fifi to curate, is a visual testament to the bond that the two sisters clearly shared. In almost every image, they are face-to-face, connected and loving each other with radiating smiles beaming.

Despite living in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Jaimi has been snapped with Trixie in her Melbourne home almost constantly throughout the years, making the loss a huge one for seven-year-old Trixie to bear.

On Monday September 14, Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny confirmed their beloved oldest child Jaimi Lee Curry Kenny had passed away following a private battle with a long-term illness.

The family are choosing not to disclose the exact nature of Jaimi’s illness.

Earlier in the week, Fifi pulled out of her popular radio show following the tragic news of Jaimi’s death.

Jaimi’s adoration of Trixie was clear from the start.

Two peas in a pod.

Radio host Fifi and Jaimi’s dad, former ironman Grant Kenny secretly dated in 2012. When Fifi announced she was pregnant with her first child, speculations were high about who the father could be. It was after a lot of speculation that the secretive pair revealed their plans to co-parent their sweet baby girl.

Fifi is also the mother to one-year-old Daisy, who she welcomed via IVF and an anonymous sperm donor.

Jaimi survived by her parents Lisa Curry, 58, Grant Kenny, 57, younger sister Morgan, younger brother Jett and half sister, Trixie.

WATCH: Fifi Box reveals Grant Kenny is Trixie’s dad! Continues after video …

Help your children with grief

When your child loses someone or something close to them, like Trixie has, it can be a challenging time. Kids Helpline offers the following advice to help children through it:

  • Offer support, reassurance and comfort
  • Find time to do enjoyable things together
  • Acknowledge or help them name or identify their feelings
  • Let them know they are loved and will always be cared for
  • Assure them that what’s happened is not their fault
  • Help them create a diary, memory box or special book to remember the person
  • Maintain normal routines to help them feel secure
  • Let them know that it’s ok to play, be happy and have fun
  • Allow them to ask questions and talk about their loss as much as they want to
  • Encourage them to talk to a caring adult if they feel uneasy talking to you
  • Provide clear and age appropriate answers to their questions
  • Keep things as familiar as you can (school, pets and household possessions)
  • Talk about your feelings and how you’ve been coping with them
  • Try to include them in decision-making when it directly affects them
  • Inform the school of what’s happened so they can provide additional support
  • Tell them that it is ok to be happy when they have a good memory of the person
  • Help them find ways to express their feelings through play, writing, drawing, music
  • Encourage them to spend time with friends

Who can help?

It’s important to have someone you can talk to about your loss when you need, here’s who can help:

  • Friend or extended family member
  • Counsellor or psychologist
  • Local support group
  • Online forums
  • Parentline in your state or territory
  • Red Nose Grief and Support Line– 1300 308 307
  • Sands – 1300 072 637(miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support)