As Victoria emerges from the longest lockdown on earth (literally) and Australian states ease their restrictions, open up more venues and increase numbers allowed at gatherings, the anticipation for what’s to come next when it comes to COVID-19 is also coupled with a level of trepidation over hygiene and safety.

One part of public life that many parents are nervous about, is our kid’s schools – with so many outbreaks across Australia linked to schools, it’s no wonder there is a sense of concern.

Victorian mum-of-two, Trina had concerns about her children returning to school.

“Living in Melbourne, it’s hard not to be concerned about my kids returning to school and being around other children after all this time,” she says.

“There have been a few outbreaks connected to schools in Victoria, so naturally, I think many parents are being cautious about this return to classroom.”

With hand sanitisers being one of our most trusted protection methods in the fight against COVID, most regular hand sanitisers only kill germs and viruses during application.

“I had done a bit of research and found that a lot of hand sanitisers need to be reapplied throughout the day in order to be effective, which concerned me while thinking about my kids spending the day at school,” says Trina.

“How am I going to convince my kids to remember to reapply? I was also worried about the high alcohol levels in traditional hand sanitisers, and how drying that could be on delicate skin.”

After a long lockdown, Trina’s children, Eliza and Archie are finally back at their Melbourne school.

In the absence of a vaccine, the latest COVID innovation produced here in Australia is NovalentShield+ – a unique hand sanitiser that protects children, and Australians more broadly, from germs and viruses (like COVID) for up to 24 hours.

Mike Motta, Vice President at Novalent, USA says their unique hand sanitiser is alcohol-free, waterproof, non-toxic formula is also gentle on the skin, making it a fantastic option for children, as well as those with sensitivities to harsher ethanol-based sanitiser products.

“Unlike traditional hand sanitisers, which only kill germs and viruses during application, the formula provides a non-toxic protective shield on the hands for up to 24 hours, without washing off,” says Mike.

“Not a lot of people know this, but normal sanitisers often provide zero protection after application and germs can actually start to form again within two minutes, making them only partially effective.”

“For parents wanting to help protect their children while they head back to the classroom, it’s important to get our children in the habit of washing their hands with warm, soapy water multiple times a day; especially after coming in contact with other children, using the restroom and just before eating. And prior to leaving the house each day, children should coat their hands with Novalent Shield+ by applying 1-2 squirts and rubbing the hands.”

Novalent Shield+ provides a non-toxic protective shield on the hands for up to 24 hours, without washing off.

As for Trina, she has been using the product with her two kids and feels comforted the protection it offers.

“It’s been reassuring to know there is an alcohol-free, gentle product out there that can give me peace of mind that my kids are protected all day at school. It’s just one less thing to worry about!”

Novalent Shield+ is available in a 50ml pump bottle, RRP $12.95. Consumers are able to purchase online and leading pharmacies.