Forget creating a ‘home, sweet home’ because with Halloween fast-approaching, it’s time to turn your abode into a nightmare on your street.

Thanks to that pesky pandemic which has seen most major events for 2020 canned, thankfully you can still make the most of Halloween (even if it’s a little different this year).

Depending on the rules in where you live (see here for more details) you might not be allowed or be entirely comfortable with trick or treating but you can still turn your home into a frightful state and make it the perfect place to watch scary movies or bake ghoulish treats.

Try these spooky set-ups at your house.

Ghost Graveyard Room

Step 1: If you have an air con, turn it up high for some creepy coldness, or grab a fan to create a breeze highlighting an unseen ‘presence’ (ghosts).

Step 2: Cover the couches with dark fabrics like sheets or tablecloths to prep for the gravestones.

Step 3: Pull apart some cotton wool to create some DIY cobwebs and hang it from the windows and walls.

Step 4: Dim or turn off all the lights in your bedroom or lounge room to gauge the ultimate spooky effect.

Step 5: It’s time to fill your graveyard with gravestones, skeletons and spiders!


Amp up the fright factor at your home.

Fake cobwebs are a must-have for Halloween.

Haunted Room

Step 1: To get the haunting off to a killer start, find a creepy Halloween playlist on your preferred music app.

Step 2: Grab a red piece of clothing and throw it over your bedside lamp or swap out your white light globes with some bloody red ones.

Step 3: Rip up some old white bed sheets and either paint or dip them in red dye, hanging the strips across the entrance of your bedroom to warn your fellow muggles.

Step 4: Scatter the floor with eyeballs, by panting a black pupil on some old golf balls or ping pong balls – be sure to watch your step.

Step 5: The haunted room is now ready to be filled with vampires, ghosts and zombies!



A haunted cubby house will scare even the bravest little ones.