Who doesn’t love a visit from the local garbage truck?

During isolation your local garbo’s weekly rounds have been even more exciting for little fans, bringing joy to youngsters as they await the sound of the rumbling trucks and jump for joy as they scoop up the bins and tip them upside down!

And now, just in time for Global Garbage Man Day next Wednesday 17 June (Yes! it’s ‘a thing’), a new children’s picture book has been released that’s sure to delight little bin truck fans everywhere.

What’s more exciting than the weekly visit from your neighbourhood garbo?

The Garbage Trucks Are coming Today! is about a boy called Winston who waits eagerly for the garbage trucks to arrive at his house so he can watch the rubbish get collected.

Written by Susan Taylor, a mum of three boys on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she was inspired to write the book after seeing how excited her eldest son became when the ‘garbos’ came around each week.

“Originally when I had the idea for the book I thought it was something children and other parents would relate to,” Susan tells Bounty Parents. “But I’ve been amazed at the reception it’s received so far.

“Of course no one could have predicted the home isolation we’ve all endured globally which has spiked a garbage trend, but even without this I think the simple act of rubbish collection is something that can create a lot of joy in little ones and should be celebrated.”

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor was inspired to create this adorable tale after seeing how excited her own boys were for the garbage truck each week.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, even adults are now experiencing a renewed love for bin night with Facebook groups like the Aussie Bin Isolation Outing page seeing millions of people around the world posting videos of themselves all dressed up to take the garbage out.

But it’s kids who have always had a loving affection for the garbos and their trucks.

Illustrated beautifully by Christian Bocquée, The Garbage Trucks Are coming Today! is aimed at children aged 3+. The prime demographic for garbo love!

“Winston just loved the bin trucks, and then his younger brothers did too,” Susan says of her book,

“What happens on garbage day is fascinating to a child and rightly so! The trucks are big, noisy and munch up all your rubbish – they’re almost like a real-life robot or transformer that comes every week at the same time, and kids love the routine and excitement of it all!”

The Garbage Trucks Are Coming Today! is out now with New Holland Publishers and is available from all good bookstores and online retailers.

With Global Garbage Man Day also taking place next Wednesday 17 June, looks like there’s never BIN a better time to celebrate the good old garbage collection!

The Garbage Trucks Are Coming Today! is available now from all good bookstores and online retailers for RRP $19.99. A portion of all sales also goes to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

WATCH: Susan Taylor reads ‘The Garbage Trucks Are Coming Today!’