If you’re looking to bring some of the storytelling of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into your home and into the lives of your children, we’ve found the books for you.

Aboriginal owned and led, Magabala Books, who operate out of Broome in Western Australia, is Australia’s leading Indigenous publishing house. Not only do they bring some of the most beautiful stories to print, but they are passionate about protecting the cultural and intellectual property rights of all of their creators.

This means that anyone who buys a Magabala publication also has the comfort of knowing that they are purchasing an ethically published book, where Indigenous peoples hold copyright in their stories and there is a return of benefits to them and/or their communities.

Aboriginal owned and led, Magabala Books is Australia’s leading Indigenous publishing house.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement, globally has highlighted that in 2022 racism is alive and well. And in Australia that is no different.

Since 1991, 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody. It’s shameful truth.

Marches across the nation have seen Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people sharing their experiences with racism from micro-aggressions to blatant mistreatment, and the stories of The Stolen Generation and the generational trauma that followed are no longer being swept under the rug. It seems like, finally people are listening.

Never before has it been clearer that , intentional or not, perhaps any given white person has subconsciously said something or actioned something in a way skewed towards systematic racism. The time has come for everyone to acknowledge that and commit to change. And it begins with simply being aware.

Resources like podcasts, literature, documentaries and movies all exist and are accessible for all Australians to take the time to ensure we build on our knowledge of the Indigenous culture and history of this land.

And there’s no better place to begin than with the incredible stories published by Magabala Books. You can see some of our favourites from their picture book collection in the gallery below …

15 of the best Indigenous Australian picture books for kids

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