Facebook’s decision on Thursday to ban Australians reading and sharing news has had far reaching impacts across Australian households as parents find the pages that they loved to follow now free from content.

Not only were major news sites banned, but so many other types of media, including parenting sites like ours as well as Government organisations including emergency services and weather forecasters found themselves scooped up in the same net.

Despite no longer being able to access news via Facebook right now, the key motivations during the parenting journey remain constant – a parent’s love for their child, and their hunger for information and advice to support them in this exciting life stage.

Read on to see exactly how you can still access that news and information daily, despite the ban.

What is the Facebook news ban all about?

Social Media giant Facebook has followed through on the threats it made late last year to ban Australians sharing news on its platform in response to a proposed media bargaining code.

Facebook revealed on Thursday morning that the move was in response to the federal government’s proposed legislation to create a news media bargaining code.

“The proposed law fundamentally misunderstands the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share news content,” said William Easton, the Managing Director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand.

“It has left us facing a stark choice: attempt to comply with a law that ignores the realities of this relationship, or stop allowing news content on our services in Australia. With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter.”

At this stage there is no indication of how long the ban will last.

Aussie parents can still access all of the latest news, even without Facebook!

Where to go to get the latest parenting news, trends and reviews?

Bounty Parents is an established Australian brand that has been providing trusted information and support to expecting parents from the first trimester of pregnancy, through to parents with toddlers and children, for more than 35 years.

And we’re still here! The Bounty Parents team are working away to continue to provided trusted information and support to expecting parents. Here’s how to get that information directly to you during the Facebook news ban …


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