More than 2 million people in Australia are part of active parenting groups on Facebook. The social media giant, today recognised that by announcing a specific parenting group type with some pretty impressive features.

Members of the new type of parenting groups will be able to post anonymously, and will be able to find people at the same stage of parenting thanks to a badging system as well as take part in a brand new mentoring program.

“The new parenting Group type will be a game changer,” says a spokesperson for Mumspo. “We’re a small group of admins managing a community of over 550,000 members across a range of mum-focused Facebook groups like Kmart Mums, Lunchbox Mums, Home Decorating and Organising Mums, and Party Mums.

“For our kinds of groups the anonymous posting is the winner. It’s a huge selling point. So many parents are hesitant to post due to friends and family seeing it, or they’re scared of judgement or simply have privacy concerns.”

Starting today, when admins select the Parenting Group type, they will unlock three specific features for these communities:

Anonymous Post

Facebook has heard from parents that they want a way for them to discuss topics they may not be comfortable sharing openly. To enable members of a parenting group to make sensitive posts without revealing their identity, Facebook is adding Anonymous Post to parenting groups. For example, if you’re looking to share or receive feedback related to financial concerns or dealing with the loss of a child, posting anonymously can help you easily facilitate those discussions.


Facebook are adding new badges to parenting groups, so that members can choose to identify themselves to groups members in regards to what stage in the parenting journey they are in. If you want to find people who are going through a similar situation as you, badging makes it easier to quickly find those people and connect to them. Example badges include ‘New Parent’ and ‘Expecting Parent’ to help parents connect more closely with those in similar situations.


Facebook are also expanding their Mentorship feature to all parenting groups who select this group type. Parenting group admins can now choose and create an online mentoring program, let members sign up and match mentor/mentee pairs. Members can pair up with one another to offer guidance during some of life’s biggest moments like expecting a new child, moving or switching careers.

Badging makes it easier to quickly find those people and connect to them.

More than 2 million people in Australia are part of active parenting groups on Facebook. Facebook groups can provide a safe space for parents to come together to share support, education and resources.

Parenting comes with it’s own challenges. Facebook recognising that and taking measures to ensure that it’s platform works for parents is a smart move.

“Being able to share an Anonymous Post means nothing is off limits, and it will encourage members doing it tough to come forward for help.” says James Gerrard, Group Admin at North Shore Dads. “We are excited to change our group type and see these new features roll out.

“Personally, I have formed lifelong friendships through our Facebook Group. It is truly heart-warming to know other local dads are there for support, whether it is an everyday dilemma or life-changing family moment.”