When you have your very own boutique beauty clinic and an adorable new baby girl, what else would you do but a little baby pampering?

Australian influencer Emilee Hembrow has shared a sweet reel with her 1.1million Instagram followers showing four-month-old daughter, Giselle smiling and giggling on a beauty bed while her mum treats her to a mock “baby facial” at her luxe, Gold Coast beauty clinic SSKIN.

“Now taking bookings for baby facials at @sskinaus 😂❤️”

Emilee, the big sister of fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow, captioned the video in which little Giselle wears a white headband to receive her beauty treatment, with: “Now taking bookings for baby facials at @sskinaus 😂❤️ Our youngest SSKIN squad member miss Giselle 💖”

Little Giselle is seen to giggle in delight as her smiling mother gently mock-strokes her face with a Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese smooth-edged tool used in beauty treatments, while she lays tucked into a blanket on the beauty treatment table.

Clearly, this was an adorable moment, meant for fun, so maybe hold off calling to book your own baby in for a treatment any time soon!

Proud mum, Emilee welcomed Giselle in September 2021, following a devastating late-term stillbirth in June 2020.

While no products were used on baby Giselle’s skin, older clients at SSKIN can expect to be pampered with all manner of treatments including skin consultations, LED light therapy, skin needling, microdermabrasion, rose quartz signature facials, back facials, peels, hydradermabrasion and more.

Speaking with Bounty Parents just before SSKIN’s launch in 2020, 29-year-old Emilee was proud of the fact that she and her sister, Amy, were establishing their very own boutique beauty clinic on the Gold Coast.

“I’m so excited,” she declared. “I’m going to be there every day!”

Emilee and her husband welcomed baby Giselle in September last year, after suffering a devastating late-term stillbirth in June, 2020.

“Thank god, our rainbow baby has arrived safe and healthy. We are so overjoyed with emotions and feelings,” the overjoyed new mum shared at the time.

Giselle joins big sister Aaliyah, five, and brother Gabriel, two.

Baby facials are not ‘a thing’

Bounty Parents spoke with Shoshana Eisner, Pharmacist and Founder of QED Skincare, plant-based luxury skincare for sensitive skin, about how and when to introduce our children to skincare.

“Four months old is a little young,” laughs Shoshana, whose philosophy is that the tween years is a good time to begin establishing a skincare routine.

“I’m not necessarily talking about using products, particularly aggressive products that can build up in their bloodstream,” the skin expert explains. “However, around 10 years of age is a good time to establish the routine of having clean skin. We can teach them that, just as they clean the rest of their body, it is important to make sure that the skin on their face is also clean.”

Shoshana, who is a mum herself, believes that teaching them to care for their skin from the tween years helps to delicately create a routine rather than seeing skin issues later on as flaws.

Shoshana Eisner, Pharmacist and Founder of QED Skincare, says it’s never too young to begin a skincare routine.

“Teaching them that taking care of their skin always – rather than treating problems which they may begin to see as flaws – builds good routines and helps with confidence,” suggests Shoshana.

As for young skin needing actual treatments, this can wait until later in their teen years, or specifically if their skin becomes oily or suffers breakouts.

You can read more of Shoshana’s advice for starting children on a skincare routine here.