The Block 2017 winners Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker have been embarking on their most exciting challenge yet .. parenthood.

The pair announced the birth of their first child, Sunny in February this year and have been loving life as a family of three in beautiful Northern NSW.

Since then the pair have been sharing their journey so far with fans via their Instagram stories and we’re smitten!

As if life as a new mamma isn’t busy enough, Elyse is collaborating with Fisher Price to create the Elyse Knowles x Fisher Price Collection – beginning with a collection featuring six Baby Gear must-have products in a custom-designed fabric and like everything she designs, we’re sure this will be epic.

The first time mum, entrepreneur, model and influencer took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with Bounty Parents about her new collaboration and life with baby Sunny.

The first collection from Fisher Price and Elyse Knowles – Elyse Knowles x Fisher Price Collection has launched in Target stores nationally.

Sunny is adorable – congratulations! How’s it all going? You getting much sleep?

“I am loving it! And thank you, he’s a little charmer. Sleep is just one of those things I guess. Some nights we get lucky and others are a little more tiresome. In the grand scheme of things he’s a great bub and now that he’s onto solids fingers crossed his naps become deeper and longer.”

Talk us though a day with Sunny, how are guys spending your time together?

“Each day differs a little but the constant is always fresh air and a whole lot of feeding and nappy changes!

“Living in a coastal part of the world, Sunny and I are able to get out and about with the dogs or go for little walks down the street. It makes the world of difference and reminds me that outside of the baby bubble, the big world continues!”

How’s Josh taking to fatherhood? What’s your favourite thing about watching him dad?

“Josh is a natural. He has amazing energy and loves to get down on the floor with Sunny. The best part of the day is when he gets home from work – the excitement to see and cuddle Sunny fills the room with warmth and sunshine!

I feel extremely lucky to have a partner who is just that – an absolute equal. Parenting is difficult in many ways so having him by my side to share the load is wonderful.

Tell us a little about this capsule range, how has play with Sunny inspired the designs?

“I’m so excited to work with Fisher Price on a range of essentials that supports new parents, hopefully giving them more time to spend with their precious babies. Sunny and I spend a lot of time playing outside and appreciating the beautiful Australian flora and fauna we have on our doorstep.

“We’d love Sunny to be raised in a world that prioritises the little but beautiful things in life. Nature! Fresh air, blue oceans, lush greenery and light. The range is something I think also reflects Sunny’s demeanour – tranquil, innocent and happy. I hope many parents and bubs find joy in the new range.”

You’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Northern NSW (me too!). Has living in this beautiful part of the world influenced the designs?

“Absolutely. I live for nature and think we live in the most beautiful country in the world. We’re a coastal family now, however prior to this our Melbourne days were always focused around parks, rivers and bushland camp sites. I feel I am innately an earth baby!”

“We’d love Sunny to be raised in a world that prioritises the little but beautiful things in life.”

What would you tell yourself about motherhood now that you’ve experienced it? Any advice that you would have given pre-Sunny Elyse?

“Oh gosh. Big question! The advice I’d give my pre-baby self would be to follow my gut and take each day as it comes. Newborn life is here, there and everywhere. It’s precious yet unpredictable, emotional and challenging.

“The gratitude I feel for having a healthy baby is stronger than any other feeling I’ve ever experienced, so to count my blessings every single day is very important.”

Elyse is known for her fantastic sense of fun and the collection she and Fisher Price have co-created will put the fun in functional and the play in playtime, offering parents and carers simple and fashionable solutions so they can focus on what matters most – spending time with their kids.

This collection features beautiful, soothing earth tones, drawing inspiration from Elyse’s passion for the Australian outdoors and her Byron Bay home.

The Elyse Knowles x Fisher Price Collection is available in-store and online now at Target Australia, for a limited time only.

Available now:

Launching soon:

  • Soothing View Bassinet // RRP $139.00 AUD
  • 4-in-1 Tub // RRP $89.00 AUD
  • SpaceSaver Highchair // RRP $99.00 AUD