The Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich welcomed their newborn girl, Elle Robards, and shared her arrival on Instagram on November 14th, 2020. It’s safe to say the parents are absolutely smitten with their first child.

The couple, who met on the first series of The Bachelor in 2013, have have been proudly sharing beautiful photos and letting fans witness plenty of little Elle’s precious first moments, like her first bath and that often nervewracking but oh-so exciting moment when you finally take your newborn home from hospital.

Incredibly, it was just 10 months after Elle’s arrival that new mum Anna took on the gruelling commando course on SAS Australia, fast becoming one of the frontrunners to pass the course with her ‘machine’ performance.

Anna credits Elle as the reason she applied to be on SAS Australia, saying she wants her daughter to be proud of her.

‘The one thing I want to give my daughter – if I tell her that she can do something, I want to believe in it myself,” Anna says on a trailer for the gruelling show.

“I don’t think the public will think I will go very far in this. I want to prove them wrong. I would love to say I can do it.”

Another who is obviously impressed with Anna’s strength and determination is sweet little Elle. We take a look at the happy family’s sweet bond in the gallery below…