Calling all dinosaur fans, big or small, because you’re going to love this epic prehistoric display.

The annual Mega Creatures is stomping into Hunter Valley Gardens, a two-hour drive from Sydney, and this year it’s bigger than ever with a new Mega Creatures Night Safari.

After the sun goes down, the pre-historic beasts come to life through special effect lighting, sound effects and movement.

There’s also dragons, an erupting three-metre-high volcano that lights up the night and for all the arachnophobes, there’s a walk-through spider tunnel to test your nerves.

There will also be a walking dinosaur roaring and roaming the grounds from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. You’ll be in for an eye-saur!

For those visiting during the day, there are over 20 new additions including an Archaeological dinosaur fossil dig to search for lost dinosaur bones and a secret dinosaur egg hunt, with a new egg hidden each day within the Gardens.

The walking dinosaur will also make an appearance between 10.30am – 2.30pm.

The Night Safari features never-before-seen animatronic animals and displays.

The Mega Creatures displays act as a time capsule that will transport you to different eras, each one different and exciting.

Interact with a flying Pterosaur, a 16 metre long animatronic Brachiosaurus, a terrifying T-Rex, and visit a dinosaur nursery full of baby dinosaurs.

For a cooler adventure, go back in time to the Ice Age through arctic displays of icebergs, 3 metre tall Woolly Mammoths and Saber-Toothed Tigers.

“The displays are a wonderland for families. Kids can spend hours exploring hidden treasures, getting close to the gigantic pre-historic beasts, and exploring our expansive gardens. The displays take the pressure off parents’ hands and provides endless excitement for curious little minds,” says Kim Jacobs, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hunter Valley Gardens.

Kids will loves exploring the different dinosaur eras.

Families can also check out amusement rides, such as a 25 metre high Ferris Wheel, a Carousel, Teacup ride and Swing Chair, all for $5 per ride.

Over the Easter period, the Easter bunny will also be making an appearance between 10am – 2pm, April 2-5 and each child will receive an Easter chocolate gift.

Mega Creatures will be open every day from 9am – 4:30pm, then 6pm – 10:30pm for the Night Safari from March 27– April 25.

A Family Pass (2 adults + 2 children 4-15yrs) is $99 for the Mega Creatures and $99 for the Night Safari.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit Hunter Valley Gardens.