For the most part, Aussie kids are well accustomed to an active way of life – from Little Athletics to weekend team sports, Sunday nippers to just splashing about in a swimming pool.

But this year, thanks to that pesky pandemic, activites were curbed as kids across the country were redirected to explore every inch of their home instead.

As Australian life returns to some sort of normalcy, it’s time to get our little ones moving again, particularly in school holidays.

Fitness industry leader and founder of Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course, John Pirlo on how to get active again, post-pandemic.

Slip and slide

As the days grow warmer, kids can embrace the sunshine and missed opportunities of Vitamin D with some fun in the sun. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard or know a friend who does, purchase or make your own tarp, grab the sprinkler or a hose, and some washing detergent for low cost fun. This activity is about cooling down, running around and belly laughs as the whole family slip and slide.

Good old fashioned fun with a backyard slip and slide. The best!

Explore parks far and wide

It’s time to hop into the car and visit playgrounds and parks you have never frequented before. Kids have been encouraged to expand their minds and try to find fun around the house, and now you can reward their ingenuity with good old-fashioned play equipment. Google the best playgrounds in your city, pack the bikes or scooters and spend a morning exploring a playground in a new neck of the woods.

A fun form of indoor play

Obstacle courses never grow old. Ninja Parc is available to all ages, which makes this activity one for the whole family. Kids can expect rope climbs, bouldering challenges, vertical and horizontal doors and a sea of poles. This form of activity also teaches kids agility, balance and coordination, something they may not have been able to practice during lockdown. That’s unless you tried to create your own obstacle course in the home. Therefore, Ninja Parc will be the next great challenge!

Ninja Parc is an indoor obstacle course that’s not only fun, but also accessible for all ages and skill levels.

Nature tour

As national parks reopen, prepare a picnic, a rucksack, plenty of water and take the family for a bushwalk. Kids may have learnt about wildlife during lockdown, but most likely missed out on seeing their textbooks come to life with excursions. This way, you can make a lesson out of your walk by asking kids to identify certain flora and fauna. You may also like to have a check-list for kids to spot certain items and therefore keep them engaged in the activity.