While schools in Australia haven’t officially closed yet, families are already choosing to keep their children home in an effort to self-isolate.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, many overseas countries, including Spain, France and America have already closed schools and health officials have asked parents to self-quarantine in an effort to flatten the curve, meaning reduce the spread of the virus.

Mother and photographer, Jessica McHale who is currently self-isolating at home in Masschusetts, USA, with her three children has created the below ‘Covid-19 Daily Schedule’ to follow with her kids.

Posting it to her Instagram page she wrote, “Made this schedule to keep myself and my family sane through the unprecedented weeks ahead. Funny how everything works – it’s gotten picked up by behavior groups, doctors, teachers, and has been shared more than 10k (edit: 52k!) times that I know of.”

“I made it based off my kids ages and our family, use as-is or as a jumping off point for your own. Whatever we can do to help each other through whatever is coming,” she explains.

Many parents, including educators have praised the daily schedule.

“I absolutely love this!!! I am a Early Childhood Educator and have a 12 & 8 year old. I was already planning on making a schedule, but I feel like this is a perfect guide,” wrote one parent.

“Phenomenal and every kid should follow this… Love the later bedtime incentive. I don’t think anything is missing… Actually, maybe a little pause for a snack? My 5 year old would probably get so excited to see snack time written right into the schedule lol”

While Jessica’s schedule is very practical, father-of-two and all-round funny guy, Hamish Blake also developed a family schedule which is perhaps a more realistic daily plan for those of us with little ones.

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Posting the image of his schedule to Instagram, Hamish titled his: Mr B’s Daily Curriculum and had time-slots allocated to ‘General procrastination/yawning’; ‘What’s for lunch? Full Class Discussion’ and finally ‘Watch old Seinfeld eps (ie: the only school you need)’.

The Lego Masters host developed the daily plan for his five-year-old son, Sonny Blake, who may soon be home due to the possibilty of schools closing.

Hamish captioned the post:

“We may soon see schools closed and have our kids at home. Luckily I have worked from home for a few years so can utilise what I’ve learnt about daily structure to create a perfect stay at home curriculum for my son. To all mums and dads, you are free to borrow it. We can do this guys, when you break the day down into little achievable pieces it’s not too hard. Stay safe.”