When it comes to motherhood and rasing her three children, radio and host of The Project, Carrie Bickmore is always refreshingly honest.

Through Instagram and her radio gig on the Carrie and Tommy show opposite comedian Tommy Little, it’s often Carrie who has us in stitches and she shares insights into her home life.

In a recent segment on the radio show Carrie, 40 was chatting with Tommy about what she got her eldest son, Ollie, 13 for Christmas.

“For Christmas we surprised Ollie with a new phone. He’d been wanting one for a long time and we were like, ‘No, no no we’re not getting you one for Christmas and then we got him one for Christmas,” she begins.

Tommy then interrupts saying this was obviously your husband, Chris Walker’s idea. “Because your presents are usually of the ilk, like, ‘We got your tennis racquet regripped, Ollie’.”

Giggling Carrie responds: “To be fair the last few birthdays and Christmas I’ve handed my phone down to him as his present, so you’re right. Chris suggested we get him his own new phone rather than him always getting my phone.”

So, it seems Carrie has quite a reputation for Christmas and birthday gift hacks. But, it’s the gift she got for two-year-old daughter, Addie which is both hilarious and genius.

“Do you want another fun present fact while we’re talking about presents? Do you want to know what I got Addie for Christmas?,” Carrie asks he co-host.

“She is only two so she’s not going to know…,” Carrie laughs. “So I wrapped up some Tupperware and because it was little containers inside bigger containers she thought they were blocks and then I put them back in the cupboard.”

Both Carrie and Tommy then collapse into a fit of giggles and we have to admit it’s pretty funny!

Watch the whole hilarious conversation in the video below. 

Carrie welcomed Addie two years ago with her partner, Chris Walker.

The radio host also shares daughter Evie, five, with Chris and her son Oliver is from her first marriage to late husband, Greg Lange.