It’s a familiar scene that many parents know all too well: The nightly battle to get your little one into bed and then, at long last, asleep.

From babies through to preschoolers, a regular bedtime routine that helps soothe and calm your child and prepare them for sleep, is the key to developing good sleep habits now and in the future.

Helping parents to instill a regular sleep routine, one bedtime at a time is Kinderling Kids.

Founded by a group of passionate parents, Kinderling is an audio streaming service offering music, stories and mindfulness programs for kids from newborn to six years old.

Download the Kinderling app here and start listening.

Create a calming bedtime routine to help send your child off to bed without the battle.

Whether your child needs fun music to get up and go, educational activities for playtime, soothing sounds for the witching hour, or meditations and stories at bedtime – Kinderling has you covered.

Lorna Clarkson, Managing Director of The Parent Brand which owns Kinderling says the app has been successful for millions of Australian families looking to transform their nightly routine.

“Parent feedback drives how we develop and grow the Kinderling App. We know the majority of Kinderling families use the app to solve the bedtime routine so when we received requests for ad-free listening from parents, we took it on board and looked for ways to provide an ad-free option. Since launching Kinderling Premium, app downloads have tripled! And we now feel confident that Kinderling kids are able to settle to sleep – every night – without interruption.”

Say good-bye to chaotic nights and bring a sense of calm to your home with the Kinderling Premimum app. The Premium version has access to exclusive content, special features and is advertising-free.

With three programs, specifically developed for the age and stage of your child, you’re little one can prepare to head off to the land of nod with a choice of three programs.

1. Settle for sleep with Bedtime Explorers

Kids will look forward to bedtime with Bedtime Explorers. Hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and combines great vocal talent, high production value and beautiful ambient music to create an audio environment that helps children relax and fall asleep.

Kinderling’s Bedtime Explorers encourages kids to be actively involved in their own bedtime routine. By choosing their favourite dreamtimes adventure each night parents report that children that once fought the bedtime routine, are now proactive about getting their pyjamas on an snuggling down to sleep.

With over 12 million downloads and counting, this catalogue of gentle meditations help them drift off in a calming, restful sleep.

Hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Bedtime Explorers helps children relax and fall asleep.

2. Stay asleep with Sleep Radio

Having a calm and consistent soundtrack playing can help kids fall and stay asleep. Kinderling Sleep Radio is a 24/7 radio station, available on the Kinderling Kids App, that only plays calming lullabies and ambient music.

Premium users can enjoy non-stop listening with no interruptions. Sound Bubblies are ambient recording to help babies and children settle and stay asleep. Mimicking the everyday sounds of car ride, a dishwasher, the rain, the wind, and a fan, these hour long episodes help surround little ones in a warm blanket of familiar sounds – helping them sleep undisturbed.

3. Settle petal with Chill Radio

Kinderling’s Chill Radio is 24/7 chill-out music with gentle lullabies, to help parents soothe and settle little ones, especially in the late afternoon witching hour. The station is available on Kinderling’s app. Premium users can enjoy non-stop listening with no interruptions.

Founded by a group of passionate parents, Kinderling is an audio streaming service for kids.

Formerly sleep-deprived parents who are now well-rested say the Kinderling App has transformed their nightly bedtime routine.

“My daughter had real problems settling down to go to sleep at bedtime,” explains Katriona.

“She now goes to bed excited to listen to an episode, and is asleep very shortly after. They are truly full of magic sleepy dust!”

Parents can sign up for a 30 day free trial and then subscribe monthly for $7.99 or annually for $59.99.

Download the Kinderling app here and start listening.