Naming a child is a big responsibility and many people have months of short lists before they even get close. Others seem to find inspiration from the world around them, and the rest?

It would take a certain type of humour to knowingly name a child a ridiculous name that will plague them forever, so we must give people the benefit of the doubt that they feel they’re giving their child a solid moniker.

Benefit of the doubt or not, a reddit reader posed the question “what is the most ridiculous name you’ve heard a person call their kid?” and the thread is equal parts perplexing and amusing.

“My daughters had friends in middle school whose parents were astronomers. They named their three girls Galaxy, Neptune, and Uranus. I really felt sorry for Uranus. This is 100 per cent true,” said one person in the thread.

“A friend of my father had the misfortune of being named Adolbenhiro. His parents named him after Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito,” said another.

Celebrity inspiration is not a new thing, but you at least need to ensure you’re pronouncing right as one unfortunate kid will discover.


“There was a French couple naming their son Clitis,” tells one reader.

They claimed to love the actor so much that he was their motivation. When asked to clarify exactly which actor they meant, the answer was hilarious.

“They replied with their funny French accent “You know…Clitis Wood”…meaning Clint Eastwood. It’s true I swear!”

Movie characters also feature highly, however some people’s choice comes into question. Why would you name your child after a “baddie”?

Anakin appeared on the numerous times which implies more than one person is not only a Star Wars fan, but also a Darth Vader fan.

“My mother told me that she once met a set of boy/girl twins named Luke and Anakin. I was doubly mad at this as Anakin is a Boy’s name and those parents missed a golden opportunity to name them Luke and Leia,” said reader, Darth_Pyre, who is possibly a large fan themselves.


Celebrity choices also came under fire with all four of Jamie Oliver’s food and flora inspired children’s names getting an honourable mention; Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear.

North West also made a guest appearance with guesses on her middle name… is she North 30 degrees West or North North West?

Names with rude connotations featured strongly, with Anal, Colon and Labea making the hit list.

“About a year and a half ago, I was helped by a cashier whose name-tag read “Labea,” said Ramses the Pigeon, who later discovered it was pronounce Luh-BEE-ah, however that barely seemed better.

“One of the students in my dorm was named “Colon,” added foobphys.

“The girl at the lab was called “Anal.” It means fire in Hindo or something,” said another reader.

You named me Colon?

Creative, kooky or downright odd spelling has always raised eyebrows in the baby naming game with Quistina (Christina, but like Elmer Fudd), Air-wrecka (Erica but ghetto), Destany, and Honasty (spell check anyone?) setting the thread alight.

The top of the list, seems innocuous enough with his friend’s calling him Ody, however his parents call him something much grander.

“My cousin’s best friend is named Ody which I thought was random until I found out his full name was Odysseus. At first I thought it was ridiculous but I am sort of jealous.”

May all the children named after mythology and gods live up to their names, and may anyone named after food forgive their parents.