unique baby names

1. My all time favourite name I've ever heard is, Dekiernee, spelt DKNY. And her sister was called Chanel. No word of a lie. – Claire

2. My friend's son is called Duke – super-cool. But, you have to be cool yourself to pull that off, luckily she is! – Sam

3. And a friend of a friend called her son, Flash. They were posh enough to pull it off and not sound naff. – Kim

4. A friend of a friend called their son Banjo which I thought that was a musical instrument?! – Cassie

5. In school I remember being super jealous of a girl whose name was Aphrica. Yes, with a PH.” – Sarah

6. My childhood best friend’s name was TJ. It wasn’t short for anything. Just TJ. – Katie

7. I knew a girl called Olympia – I always felt she was too shy to have such a bold name. I think she thought that too – she always seemed embarrassed to introduce herself. – Jess

8. My sister delivers babies for a living so she hears some classic baby names – My favourite was Abcde said Abbsedeesee. Gold. – Jane

9. My high school bestie is called Faen (pronounced Fawn!), like a baby deer. I think it’s the prettiest, quirkiest name and suits her crazy personality so well. Plus she’s pint-sized and loveable – just like a baby deer. However when she calls restaurants to make reservations she’s books under Lil. She’s probably gotten about 15 years of her life back in time saved. – Bella

10. I went to school with a girl call Tuesday and she used to always get picked on every other day of the week. – Denis

11. I knew a guy called Jet and always thought that was such a cool name – obviously you have to be cool to pull it off! – Paul

12. My friend’ sniece is called Nevaeh, as in, ‘Heaven’ backwards. I died. – Lorna

13. There’s a baby in my town called Lady Gaga. The priest refused to baptise it so they called it Lady Georgina, to be shortened to Lady Gaga. – Amy