If you’ve been going a little bonkers from staring at your own walls during isolation, you can get ready for some adventure because Tourism Australia is about to whet your appetite for travel with Live from Aus – a curated live streamed program bringing the best of Aussie travel straight into our living rooms.

Launching Friday 15 May and followed by a back-to-back weekend program (16 – 17 May), Live from Aus will feature household names such as Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli’ and The Wiggles who’ll be taking us from the coast to outback and introducing us to some of the countries most adorable wildlife characters along the way.

Wippa, who’ll letting us in on the magic of the little penguins sunset return to their home in the world’s largest penguin colony on Phillip Island says we’re all in for a real treat thanks to one penguin in particular, Pete.

“Pete’s got a surprising amount of penguin facts to share,” Wippa tells Bounty Parents. “He’s even got an incredible story about a seagull who challenged a penguin to a race. Kids are going to love it.”

Wippa narrates Penguin Parade Bedtime Stories

Tune in on Sunday night as Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli takes us all on an adorable penguin adventure in Phillip Island.

As the hope that travel restrictions within Australia will be more relaxed in the not too distant future looms, Wippa assures us that the imagery in these streams is the next best thing to being there in person.

“There’s incredible long shots of all of these tiny little penguins coming home at sunset which will take your breath away,” says the Fitzy and Wippa breakfast ration co-host. “But we’ve also got fixed cameras at various points, and the penguins come right up and check them out, so you have these cute little guys right up close in front of your eyes.”

As for his own travel plans there’s plenty of Australia that Wippa is keen to get back to with his growing fam. He and wife Lisa welcomed their baby girl Francesca into the world last month, making them a family of four.

“Even though her brothers are keen for her to have her own bike and get riding with them, we’re a little way from adventure just yet,” he laughs.

But when clan Wipfli get back on the road, Australia’s Top End is high on the list of dream destinations.

“We’ve been doing some fishing on the rocks near home, but the only thing we’ve caught is a cold,” jokes Wippa. “So I’m excited to take the boys to the Northern Territory and see if we can catch ourselves a barramundi!”

You can see more about Wippa and the penguins in the gallery below.

From penguins to crocs, and Dreamtime stories to discos we’re in for jam-packed Aussie family adventure this weekend

Wippa joins other Aussie legends like The Wiggles, chefs Jock Zonfrillo, Jo Barrett, Matt Moran and Hayden Quinn, fashion icon Laura Brown and the Outback Wrangler Matt Wright who are all bringing a tempting taste of Aussie travel ready to inspire your next adventure.

Live From Aus kicks off at 7:30pm AEST, Friday 15 May with a special one-off national broadcast on Channel Ten’s The Project and will be live streamed thereafter on Tourism Australia’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Check out our favourite picks for family-friendly streaming in the gallery below, but there’s plenty more on offer, you can check out the full weekend schedule on the Tourism Australia’s Facebook Live From Aus Event page.