By John Woods

Whether you’re naming a baby or a puppy, there’s a lot of pressure. You’ve got to find the right fit.

Often we take a different, more fun approach when naming a pet, but have you ever considered that flipping through a baby name list can help you find something that fits your dog’s unique personality and appearance too?!

John Woods is the founder of All Things Dogs. A publication built to educate over 40,000,000 dog owners on how to care for their dogs.

Names have a funny way of carrying a lot of meaning behind them, and humanity has recognised this importance all throughout history. We want to give our children names of important figures, idols, and gods in the hope they grow in the example of their forefathers.

That’s why we get names like Jesus, Benjamin, Mary, and Victoria; we want to honor the past while looking for a brighter future.

For dog names, it is a whole other story. Owners tend to give their pets silly names or nicknames to move away from the seriousness of human names. It really shows when people give their little Chihuahua the name Bruiser or their Great Dane the name Tiny. However, that shouldn’t stop us from giving our pets serious names, partly because that’s funny in itself.

Imagine coming home from work to greet your Pomeranian named George and seeing his little tail wag at the sound of his name coming from your mouth!

In addition, there’s also another layer of sentimental meaning in naming our pets after people. For example, using the name of a late loved one can be a great way to honour them. After all, our canine companions are an extension of the family!

Whatever you decide to engrave on your pet’s little tag, you’ll still be delighted to hear that little jingle at the end of a day! If you are looking for a name for a new member of the family, canine or otherwise, here are twenty popular baby names that might just work.

Puppy names for girls

Puppy names for boys

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