As previously reported by Now To Love, Sophie Emma Rose wasn’t one to care about what people thought of her – especially when it came to videoing her choice to breastfeed her now-five-year-old son, Shaye, even suggesting she’d do so until he was eight years old.

But now it isn’t her views on vegan pregnancy, no pre-natal testing or her son’s love of her “boobaloos” that has caught the attention of her online following because, tragically, Sophie Rose has passed away.

She was 41 years old – and six months pregnant with her second child.

Sophie Emma Rose

Sophie took this picture just one day before her untimely death.

Sophie, whose headline-grabbing videos of her breastfeeding her son Shaye, and her partner, 29-year-old Danny Glass, were riding a scooter in Phuket, Thailand, where they resided, when they were involved in the car accident.

UK-born Sophie was riding on the back of the scooter at the time of the crash and sustained fatal head injuries as a result of the accident.

Danny was left with minor injuries.

It is now bring reported that Glass had attempted to pull out around a parked car, which lead to the accident.

According to The Guardian, Glass took to YouTube to describe what happened to Sophie, describing in detail that she was flung off the scooter and consequently hit by a passing truck.

However, despite both himself and the truck driver, Natt Awut Timsue, being charged with reckless driving, Glass still maintains his innocence (he claims that that another vehicle stopped abruptly in front of him, causing him to brake quickly.

“Both men are being held responsible for the death of Ms Anderson, because both were driving recklessly," says Lt Col Sanit Nookong of Thalang police station.

"The drivers have already been charged. Right now, the investigation is not yet closed because we are still waiting for the autopsy to be released. Then they will go to court."

Despite the allegations, Danny has take to Facebook to commiserate the loss of his partner and mother-of-his-first-child.

“I am in total shock as I’ve lost the most precious person I had ever connected with,” he wrote.

“My brain keeps going into denial. I am distraught."

"She was also pregnant so I lost my child too.”

Our thoughts are with all those who loved Sophie during this difficult time.