UK mother-of-three Lindsay Grant claims that the reason her once “perfectly normal little girl” is now paralysed is all down to the same food she would eat both at school and at home: canned tuna.

According to Ms Grant, now-eight-year-old Lexi-Mae “was born fine” and everything was normal up until she was five years old, when, one day, she awoke with an ear infection and doctors put her on antiobiotics.

However, as Ms Grant recalls, it is during this time that Lexi-Mae’s health deteriorated.

"The next morning when she woke up it was like she had had a stroke, her face was lopsided and she couldn’t move,” she says, as reported by Yahoo! 7.

Ms Grant says that Lexi-Mae has been “like a guinea pig”, with doctors trying myriad treatments to not only bring back the abilities she lost so unexpectedly, but to understand why she lost them in the first place.

But even though doctors are stumped as to what caused Lexi-Mae’s condition, having performed test after test to determine what had happened to the young girl from Leeds, Ms Grant is convinced she has the answer.

“I am convinced it’s down to mercury intoxication,” referring to Lexi-Mae’s favourite food that she would eat every day: tinned tuna.

“I read something somewhere about a woman who had the same symptoms as Lexi, and she ate tuna every day and it turned out to be mercury intoxication,” she continues.

Ms Grant goes on to say that doctors are yet to test Lexi-Mae for mercury intoxication, but keeping in mind that her daughter ate it every day, she believes this is what has caused her paralysis.

And what Ms Grant is claiming could be plausible considering the [American Food and Drug Administration]( |target="_blank"|rel=”nofollow”) experts have discovered that mercury can, in fact, harm the developing nervous systems of foetuses and young children.

"It’s awful. She used to sing, she used to dance, she used to be a really really funny, perfectly normal little girl.”

“But now she has lost all her abilities. She can’t even say ‘mam’.”

“It is heartbreaking for everybody, she is trapped in her own body.”