After breastfeeding challenges, sleep is the biggest concern for new mums and dads – and that doesn’t change for several years to come!

Sleepless nights are an expected and accepted part of becoming parents as are worries about Baby’s sleep safety, but there are things you can try with your little one to make sure everyone gets as much vital shut-eye as possible.

As part of Sleep Essentials brought to you by Tommee Tippee, we’ve rounded up the best advice from experts including sleep teachers, midwives and parents so you can find it all in one handy place.

The easiest ways to settle a baby, says midwife

Failsafe ways to soothe an unsettled baby and help them get to sleep – or back to sleep!

baby toddler cot

Toddler bedtime battles: Expert advice for the most common sleep problems

The Sleep Teacher, Kristy Griffiths shares her top toddler sleep tips.

The beginners’ guide to baby sleep – 5 techniques for you to try

While you’re learning to be a mum, your baby is developing basic skills, too – like how to go sleep and stay asleep!

Top 10 baby safe sleep questions from new parents, answered by Red Nose Chief Midwife

“Accidents happen when babies suffocate or get trapped in their sleeping environment.”

TikTok is blowing up with the five S’s – the easiest way to settle a baby

If it’s good enough for the ‘happiest baby on the block’…

Sleep safe and sound with the help of these sleep aids for babies

These clever devices help keep your little one – and you! – rested and well.

How to cope with a catnapping baby

Helpful tips for dealing with a little snoozer.


Are we raising a generation of school sleepwalkers?

67% of parents shared that sleep challenges were on the rise in their home during the first semester back at school.

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