Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing so you want to make the right bed choice when your little one is ready to move from the cot to their first toddler bed.

We’ve rounded up a list from Amart Furniture of the best first beds for toddlers, great bunk beds for growing kids up to tweens, and the cutest novelty beds you’ve ever seen!

When is a toddler ready to move from a cot to a bed?

Ages vary from 1.5 years to 3.5 years, and if you could delay until closer to three, you may find the transition more readily. The three main reasons for moving your toddler from a cot to a bed are:

  1. Too big for cot
  2. Climbing out (safety)
  3. They’re getting a new sibling!

Transitioning from cot to bed

Choose a bed that’s sturdy and low to the ground in case of sleepy falls. Make up the bed with some of your child’s favourite patterns or characters and, if you have space, put the bed in their room so they get used to it. You can read bedtime stories there plus your tot might start to take afternoon naps in their new bed. To reassure yourself and stop your child from falling, consider a bed guard for your child’s first proper bed.

Best first bed options for your toddler

Room for two! Bunk beds and trundles

Bunk beds and trundles are ideal for saving space, older siblings and sleepovers. Plus trundles can be useful when kids are unwell and need Mum or Dad close by – they also mean parents can get some much-needed shut-eye.

Look for trundle beds that are low to the ground, to reduce the chance of children getting hurt if they fall. The style in the gallery below is still high enough to fit the trundle underneath.

What age is ok for bunk beds?

Six years old is generally considered the youngest age for bunk beds. Sturdier styles can still accommodate tweens and teens up to the age of 16.

Bunk bed safety:

  1. Ensure the guardrails are securely installed on all sides of the top bunk with correct spacing for access openings.
  2. Check connections and fasteners regularly to ensure the bunk can hold the weight of a child or adult.
  3. Avoid placing the bunk bed near blinds and curtain cords, heaters, lights and ceiling fans as they can pose a hazard.
  4. Remove ladders when the bunk bed is not in use.

Novelty beds for toddlers

These playful beds can make the transition from cot to bed easier, although they generally cost a little more than standard beds because children outgrow them in emotional ways as well as physical ways.

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