Starting a family is one of the most exciting, and often nerve-wracking, stages of life.

But selecting the perfect name for your baby should be one of the undeniably fun parts, right?

Well, in the case of one family, one woman’s perfect baby names has caused a major rift in her family. That’s because she decided to give her children the exact same names as her sister’s kids.

The names? Hayden and Oliver?

As reported by YahooBe, taking to online forum Mumsnet, one frustrated woman revealed that her sister had not only copied her first son’s name, but the second as well.

“I have 2 sons: Hayden and Oliver,” the woman wrote. “DSis [darling sister] had a daughter after I had Hayden, and she named her child Hayden. I didn’t care too much as she was a girl and mine was a boy.”

“My Oliver is 2-months-old, and my sister, who’s now in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy, has announced he’s an Oliver. Different middle names but still! AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable] to think this is a bit unfair?”

After also mentioning that she and her sister get along and have a “pretty good relationship”, the woman then said that people in her family have just laughed it off despite her being upset about it.

Well, after posing the question to the online forum, users were quick to erupt.

“Your sister is a f—ing fruit cake and I think you need to insist she chooses a different name,” one said, while another agreed, saying, “Is she some kind of sociopath?”

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