Choosing the right school bag for your child is a bigger decision than many people realise. Size, material, weight… they’re all important back to school decisions to ensure that your little one has the best bag for them… and their spine.

Plus, you want one that lasts too, right? By making the right choices, you can find a school bag that will last the test of time.

Choosing the right sized school bag for your child

As cute as your little kindergartener looks with a backpack that is bigger than them, it’s not a great idea.

Ideally a child’s backpack should be proportionate to their size ie if they’re sitting down with it on their back, it should not extend up past their shoulders, and it should not be wider than their chest.

Once you have the right size, the shoulder straps should be adjusted so your child can stand and walk straight without having to lean forward for balance. The base of the bag should be resting on their hips, not any lower.

The wrong sized bag, or wearing the right sized bag in the wrong way can contribute to acute and long-term spinal problems, it’s so important to get it right. Encourage your child to always wear their backpack correctly, with both straps on the shoulders from an early age.

Choosing the right bag for your child can reap big benefits for their spinal health. (Image: Getty images.)

What to look for in a school bag

So what kind of bag should you be looking for? As a mum of four, my tips are first and foremost to find one that is washable, or at least wipeable. Kids are gross.

Similarly, we would suggest finding one with a drink bottle pocket on the outside to help keep inside contents dry.

For practicality I would suggest finding a good sturdy bag that looks like it will make it out of the playground alive. Choose one with a solid, reinforced base that will survive asphalt scrapes, with the rest of the bag made from a material that will hold it’s shape, and is waterproof, or comes with a waterproof cover.

We’ve gathered up some of our favourites for you in the gallery below …

10 of the best school bags for the new school year