By Miracle Babies mum Terry-Ann

On the 27th of February, my twin girls Cadence and Tori were born prematurely at 26+2 weeks. This was the most beautiful yet scariest day of my life!

The reality of our situation hit me pretty hard after I saw my tiny babies weighing 830 grams and 802 grams each and fighting for their lives for the very first time. Would they survive? No one would answer this question. All I had was hope, faith and love.

Our journey to have these two miracles had been far from easy. I had a very high-risk pregnancy that had not been normal or enjoyable for me by any means. I had a cervical cerclage placed at 18 weeks with only 9mm of funnelled cervix left. There were 10 weeks of bed rest, Hyperemesis gravidarum and in the end, Chorioamnionitis and an emergency Caesarean.

Twins Cadence and Tori were born prematurely at 26+2 weeks.

Due to the infection, my girls were very sick so I did not get to hold them for two weeks. When they were finally stable enough, I was almost too scared to hold them. But when I did, I felt like a mummy to them for the first time. As I held them, I saw their oxygen saturation levels increase and finally felt the connection I had longed for so much.

Kangaroo Care, otherwise known as skin-to-skin care, also helped me to keep up my supply of breast milk that my tiny babies needed so much. I believe so strongly in the benefits, not only for the babies but for mums and dads too! Some days, the stress and heartache of not being able to take your baby home with you can become all too much, and those moments spent holding and cuddling your baby can bring you some form of peace to get through.

Having twins, I spent hours and hours sitting in one of the kangaroo care chairs and holding my tiny babies, so I was able to see first-hand the amazing benefits that it had on our tiny miracles. I was also fortunate to have had some amazing, passionate NICU nurses who were strong advocates for Kangaroo Care themselves.

Kangaroo Care, otherwise known as skin-to-skin care, helped Terry-Ann’s twins to thrive.

The NICU journey is hard and every baby and family experiences different trials and tribulations, but we all share a common bond. You will never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.

Fast forward to now, and my twin girls Cadence and Tori are five years old, sassy as ever and still kicking goals. They started prep at school this year. Premmie babies never lose their fighting spirit, that’s for sure.

If through sharing my story, I can bring hope to families that are experiencing the ups and downs of NICU life or make them feel more comfortable and confident in holding their precious babies, then I’ll be a happy lady. There is light at the end of those dark days – never give up hope.

Cadence and Tori are now sassy five-year-olds.

The benefits of Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care or skin-to-skin care is a special way both mums and dads can spend time holding their baby and it is an experience that parents remember fondly during their hospital stay. Kangaroo care can be done with both premature and full-term babies and is known to have many benefits, such as:

  • Maintain baby’s body temperature
  • Regulates baby’s heart and breathing rates
  • Encourages baby to spend more time in a deep sleep
  • Increases baby’s weight gain
  • Improved oxygen saturation levels
  • Can improve breast milk production and increases the chances of successful breastfeeding
  • Longer periods of alertness
  • Helps promote frequent breastfeeding

Kangaroo Care benefits to parents:

  • Can build confidence
  • Increases your bond with baby and can ease the feeling of separation
  • Can improve breast milk production and increases the chances of successful breastfeeding

Miracle Babies Foundation is Australia’s leading organisation supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. Every year in Australia 48,000 babies are born premature or sick, requiring specialised care. Babies born prematurely can go on to face lifelong challenges including disabilities, developmental delays and behavioural challenges and parents of premature babies are more likely to experience anxiety, post-natal depression and PTSD.

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