Bachelorette Becky Miles and fiance Justin Bevin welcomed Billie Austin Bevin seven weeks early on 30 April 2002, and the little tot had a rough start, spending two weeks in NICU.

But only a fortnight later, Becky has been able to take her daughter home on the weekend as the breastfeeding duo goes from strength to strength!

The new mum shared to her Instagram stories that premmie Billie had achieved enough successful ‘suck feeds’ or breastfeeds, and had gained enough weight that she could be discharged to her parents’ new home!

Billie is the picture of content in her mum’s arms in their new home.

Posing for farewell snaps at the hospital, Becky captioned the cute pics: “Bye NICU! 👋🏼 it’s been a wild, crazy emotional ride at the NICU but also very grateful to have had the support from the nurses, they’re all so incredible and we feel like we’ve learnt a lot and are prepped to take our girl home. So very excited to show you the world our gorgeous Billie 💗 we love you so very much”.

The couple who met on an online dating app after Becky had appeared on the TV dating show, didn’t quite get to celebrate all the pregnancy milestones with Becky even attending her baby shower after giving birth to Billie, while the little cutie was still in hospital.

Becky and James were all smiles when she got to bring Billie Austin home two weeks after her birth.

Bringing Billie home when they did came as a surprise to the parents as they were getting ready to move into their new house that they bought together just a week or so before their daughter arrived.

As Becky shared a video of her cuddled up to her newborn, she panned the phone around her new home and thanked the family’s friends for unpacking and setting up the kitchen.

Revealing her pregnancy to the Daily Telegraph when she was 18 weeks along, Becky then took to her Instagram to officially share her announcement with her friends and fans.

Paired with a picture of James holding her in his arms, she wrote, “Soooo excited to finally announce that 2022 is the year I grow a human! Yes – we’re having a lil babe.”

She signed off her elated caption by sharing their due date, “Coming into this world June 2022 .”

Billie clearly couldn’t wait for the June date!

Becky and James bought a house together shortly before their daughter was born.