Pregnancy breast changes

1. Bigger than ever

Even before you had a chance to pee on a stick, your breasts may have been a giveaway you were pregnant. Bigger boobs are common for most women during pregnancy. However, not all women will go up a cup size or more. If your breasts haven't changed size, don't worry. It shouldn't have any effect on your ability to breastfeed.

And for those of you who are busting out: If you think they're big now, just wait until your milk comes in! Then you'll wonder who snuck into your bedroom overnight and gave you implants!

2. They're gonna hurt

The downside of your best friends being bouncy and beautiful is that they are now a 'look, don't touch' asset. Breast tenderness (or just plain pain) is common but usually fixes itself by the first three months of pregnancy.

Once things have settled down, it's a good idea to see a professional bra fitter, who'll help you pick out a good maternity bra for now and after the birth.

3. Expect leaks

It may seem a bit icky at first but it's highly likely that your breasts will start to leak from the second trimester onwards. It may not look milky white, rather it may be a yellowy-orange colour. This is colostrum, the protein-rich pre-milk which provides your baby with nutrition for the first few days. Just remind yourself that this is a good sign your breasts are getting ready to feed your bub – and buy some breast pads!

4. Stretchmarks happen

You may have been expecting stretchmarks on your tummy, but sadly stretchmarks on your breasts are common too. You can try using stretchmark creams, which have varying success. Just remember that the marks will fade over time.

5. Hooray for ABA

It's never too early or late to join the Australian Breastfeeding Association. It's a great place to find out about the problems you may face in your breastfeeding adventures and how best to deal with them. Trust us, you can never be too prepared!