Grandmothers are such an important part of a family, so finding the right name to honour that role is almost as important as finding the names for the babies that make them grandmothers in the first place!

Sure, when you become a grandmother you can call yourself ‘Grandma’, or ‘Nanna’, but that’s not for everyone. Particularly when you’re trying to differentiate between the grandmothers on each side of the family.

Take Kris Jenner for example, she has 11 grandchildren so far and is called ‘Lovey’ in that role. How sweet is that?

We asked our  Bounty Parents community what names they use, and the creativity is endless!

“My mums name is Rosena and she decided she is to young to be grandma so she is RoMa,” was one of the offerings.

Another said: “I’m Yiayia. But I’m Aussie as 🤣 My squishies have 5 grandparents and 4 greats – plus no way in hell was I ready for Granny (thats my mum anyway). Added bonus- it’s the easiest to say- they see me and the hands go up YIAAAAAAA 😃 soulshine all round!”

Others had gone for completely unique names like “Mamgu”, “Moomah” and “Darling”!

Are you thinking of calling yourself something other than Grandma? We can help with the 20 suggestions we’ve listed below.

Find the perfect name for your role as grandma from the list we’ve shared below.

20 alternative nicknames for grandmothers

Not keen to be called Grandma? Stand out from the crowd with one of these fun alternative nicknames for grandmothers.

1. Baba

This sweet sounding name is often what you will find the matriarch being called in many Slavic cultures where it means granny, grandma or old lady.

2. Bella

Meaning beautiful in Italian, this is the perfect name for someone as loved as a grandmother.

3. Bibi

A Swahili word for grandmother, Bibi also has the added bonus of being easy to pronounce!

4. Birdy

Looking for a name that will become totally yours alone? Birdy might be just the name you are looking for.

5. Bomma

From the French ‘bonne-maman’, Bomma has become a popular nickname for grandmother in Dutch speaking countries.

6. Coco

Just like the warm drink of the same name, Coco is the perfect name for a grandmother full of comforting hugs.

7. Gi Gi

This easy to pronounce name is a surefire way of making sure your name gets top billing in the first words lists!

8. Gaga

Just like Gi Gi and Bibi, a name like Gaga makes it easy for little ones to wrap their tongues around.

9. Glamma

Too fabulous to be a Grandma? Glamma might be just the name for you.

10. La La

Planning on bringing the music to your grandchildren’s life? This name is the one for you.

Whatever you are called, your role is so important in your grandchildren’s life.

11. Lola

This Filipino word for grandmother makes for the perfect grandma nickname.

12. Lollie

Are you partnered with a ‘Pop’? Lollie will give you that team name you’ve been dreaming of.

13. Mémé

This name, which is commonly used by French Canadians for a grandmother, brings a little sophistication to the table.

14. NaiNai

A popular Chinese name for grandmothers, NaiNai has an adorable ring to it.

15. Narnie

If ‘Nannie’ or ‘Nanna’ is not the name for you, Narnie might be the sweet alternative you are looking for.

16. Oma

Oma is one of the most popular international names for grandmothers!

17. Ouma

This beautiful Afrikaans word for grandmother is not only easy to pronounce, it sounds sweet too.

18. Queenie

Take your crown, Queen! This name is the perfect representation of a grandmothers role in the family.

19. Sassy

No explanation needed. You’ll KNOW if this is the name for you, by your personality alone.

20. Yia Yia

You don’t have to be Greek to appreciate the joyful sound of this perfect nickname for grandmothers.