Selecting a name for your baby is right up there as far as life's choices go. Will they like it? Will it suit them? Will people be able to pronounce it? Spell it?

There's a lot of pressure. Particularly around finding something original.

That said, there are a few classic monikers that consistently get chosen, making top baby name lists year in and year out.

Parenting website, Baby Centre collected data from nearly 750,000 parents in 2018, collating it to determine the 100 most popular baby names for the year.

Proving that some names just stick, Sophia is sending her ninth consecutive year at the top of the girls list, while Jackson is celebrating his sixth crown in row in the boys section.

The top ten for each (shared in the gallery below) saw some newbies make the cut with both Oliver and Layla inching in, bumping formerly popular Logan and Zoe down the list.

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The most popular baby names of 2018