Nano-gifting – the act of sending a small, instant, digital gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them – is a new trend in gifting and thanks to a clever app from an Aussie mum, it’s now easier than ever to let people know that they’re in your thoughts.

40yo sydney mum, Carly Shamgar was inspired to co found nano-gifting business, Shouta after spending all of 2020 not only missing the outside world, but more importantly the connection to people, friends, family, school community and colleagues.

What 2020 taught her is not only the vital skills to make the perfect sourdough – more importantly, that small acts of kindness can make a massive difference .

Shouta is an app that brings gifting up to speed and down to scale. With digital tech and customisable nano gifts, ‘shouting’ a mum a thoughtful gift doesn’t need to break the bank and can be easily personalised, such as “Sorry your son didn’t sleep all night, have a coffee on me” or “tomorrow will be a better day, go for a Pedi and it’ll all feel good again”.

Women supporting women. How great is that?

With just a simple click, you can change somebody’s day!

“We’ve seen a growing number of mums using the App to stay connected to their friends and family,” Carly tells Bounty Parents.

“The feedback we’ve had (and that I’ve experienced myself!) is that mums often feel disconnected due to sleep deprivation or the constant juggle. They miss coffee dates, dinner dates, birthday drinks and other special occasions and often their main source of connection to the world is through their phones, especially when they have newborns or younger children. This is compounded when friends and family live interstate, Covid and lockdowns.”

“Mums are scrolling through their friends insta pages and stories, they’re devouring blogs, googling articles on the latest sleep methods or parenting tweens etc and Shouta enables them to send a gift as a gesture in the moment, straight from their phones – the same device they’re using to do all these other things, says Carly.

“The App makes it so easy to send a personalised, instant Shout from the comfort of the couch.”

Shouta allows users to instantly gift anyone in their phone contacts, by sending them a link to a digital, prepaid Shouta Mastercard. The reloadable card can be spent on the specific Shout the gift giver has chosen, like a coffee, or on any item the recipient desires. The Shout is customised with a personal message and image from the gifter, creating a unique digital gesture to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Shouta is free to download in app stores and at