20 new parents.


JOIE armour™ fx


JOIE armour™ fx achieved an allover 4.5/ 5 star rating.


Bounty Trial Team members were thoroughly impressed with the JOIE armour™ fx.

All of our members agreed they found their little ones to be safe, secure and comfortable in the car seat and with a price point of $399, our testers said the JOIE armour™ fx was value for money.

New parents love to receive product recomendations from family and friends and hearing positive feedback can influence their purchase decision. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that 100 per cent of our trial team members would recommend the JOIE armour™ fx to their nearest and dearest.

Parents will be spending a lot of time getting bub in and out of the car. For this reason, it’s important to have a car seat which is easy to use and 95% of our users agreed the JOIE armour™ fx ticked this box.

The JOIE Armour FX is suitable rearward facing from birth to approx. 30 months and suitable forward facing from approx. 12 months to four years.

Extra reinforced steel strengthens the car seat body, providing utmost structural strength and resilience.

As you raise the headrest to accommodate kids growing to new heights, the AutoAdjust™ side wings automatically widen to give them more shoulder space.

Installation simply clicks with effortless ISOFIX connectors and top tether that lock the seat tightly to your vehicle’s anchor points.


– An exceptional car seat that has definitely outshone my previous one. It was super easy for my husband and I to install with colour coding installation paths. I love that it accommodates kids all the way from 0 – 4 years so whilst it is slightly more expensive than others, in the long term I won’t have to upsize. The headrest is multi height adjustable with expanding sides, which is fantastic for when my baby grows. The amount of padding and extra side protection certainly gives me peace of mind as I know she will always be protected and love that it comes with the additional new born insert. Overall it looks super luxe and sleek in my car, with cooling fabric so my baby doesn’t get too hot.

– The JOIE armour fx car seat is easy to install and a dream to use every day. The safety features are second to none and will put your mind at ease. The choice of reclining positions when forward facing as well as rearward facing is a key feature for our family, especially for longer trips. The small footprint left plenty of room in my small car.

– Being first time parents, we’re learning as we go, including how to maximise our baby’s safety in various aspects, including travel. We’ve had a look at a few car seats, but none seem to have ticked all of the boxes we’d hoped. Our baby boy is at the stage where he’s very cheeky and knocks the back of his head followed by a little giggle. With his old car seat, we resorted to putting extra cushions behind his head, but with this car seat, we no longer have to do that as there’s so much extra cushion that his head is very supported. In fact, there’s so much cushioning even on the sides that our son is safe and snug. It’s compact but light at the same time, so we can easily take the whole car seat out with ease. Being such a sturdy car seat, I’m sure we’ll use this for years which is a plus for us, as it saves us money down the track buying replacements. When we grow our family, we hope to continue using this car seat as well, no doubt it’ll last the test of time.

– I found this seat super easy to install, it is really easy to tension the straps and to adjust the seat to recline/the height so seamlessly. The seat is quite spacious and my baby looks super comfy. The safety features with the seat are great.

– Absolutely love the large head support which provides comfort as well as keeping the baby safe. The infant liner is fantastic for smaller babies. I tried other seats but it felt a bit small even though it is specified for new born to 4 years. Joie is the perfect size. Has great safety features to keep the child safe and secure in case of a car accident.

*Stats are based on a survey of 20 Bounty Parents Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by JOIE for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the Bounty Parents members participating in this trial.