1. Dress for your shape

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you'll have the same shape as the next woman. Take time to know your body shape look around and try on different styles. You'll soon see the clothes that suited your best friend when she was pregnant won't necessarily suit you.

2. Undergarment comfort

You'll often hear fashion icons says that looking good starts with feeling good so start with your underwear. Choose soft, breathable fabrics and make sure you update your knickers and bras through your pregnancy to ensure you are wearing the correct size. With growing breasts and curves you'll want garments that best support and flatter your shape. There is no reason you can't look and feel sexy too.

3. Invest in the basics

You may not want to spend a bomb on your pregnancy wardrobe but there are a few items you might want to consider investing in. Good looking and comfortable jeans, trousers and a simple, pencil skirt will make the basis of your pregnancy wardrobe (they must come with an expandable waistline!)

4. Choose block colours

Simple, single-block colours rather than busy prints will streamline your figure making it appear taller and leaner. If you are very big or worried about weight, try dressing in one solid colour (dark colours may feel better). You can accessorise to add a splash of colour (try scarves, bright jewellery or shoes).

5. Work the maxi dress
No matter what your body shape, maxi dresses are a great option for a stylish pregnancy wardrobe. Choose from short-hemmed or full-length dresses (if you don't like your arms, simply add a jacket for a chic look). Wear them with heels or flats and love the comfort!

6. Borrow from your friends

If you're already pregnant you might have discovered the feeling of belonging to a kind of club. That's because anyone who's been pregnant understands precisely where you're at and they most likely want to help you through it! Make a shout out to friends seeking use of their old pregnancy clothes you'll find many are more than willing to share.

7. Hair and make-up

You don't need to refrain from wearing stylish hair and make-up just because you're pregnant. On the contrary, use hair and makeup to enhance your already fabulous new look (look how well it worked for J-Lo, Angelina or any number of gorgeous pregnant celebs).

8. Trade heels for rockin' flats or wedges

There's no argument wearing super-high stilettos during pregnancy (especially the last trimester) is just plain awkward as your tummy grows and your centre of balance shifts. Not only that, your feet will swell as you approach your due date meaning heels just won't feel like they used to. But don't worry! You don't have to settle for beige grandmother flats choose to rock it up instead. Buy ballet flats in leather (for comfort) in vibrant colours (blue or red if you dare) and go for a cheeky style (buckles or diamantes on the toe can change a shoe from drab to fab). Wedges are a more supportive option if you are really missing your fave heels!

9. Accessorise

Brightly coloured scarves, jewels, bags and shoes look great on any gal use them in pregnancy to sharpen your look and bring a sense of individual style.

10. Get pampered

A little pampering can go a long way to restoring your energy and confidence during pregnancy. If you're on a budget, find a beautician who does a mani/pedi special (shellac nails will last 14 days!) or simply book a mani and have your friend (or fella) bathe and paint your tootsies. Other ideas include pregnancy massage, facials or an entire afternoon at the hairdresser.