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You love being a parent. Your children are, hands down, the most wonderful/important/crazy/fun people in your life.

But they sure do turn things upside down – so much so, that the little things you once took for granted are now your ultimate luxury moments.

1. A HOT cup of tea

You have countless ones that are stone cold or at best luke warm. So being able to sit back (OK, hide in the kitchen) with a fresh tea or coffee and finish it… well, that’s heaven in a teacup.

2. Reading a book

Right ‘til the end. These days, your literary opportunities tend to revolve around supermarket labels, picture books and a quick scroll of your friends' status updates on Facebook.

3. The commute

You relish the music from your train neighbour’s headphones simply because it’s not anything from a Disney film.

And you laugh when you hear someone complain about a long journey. Do they not realise how amazing that time is for catching up on Instagram? Or, let’s be honest, napping.

4. Actual Greek yoghurt

Your usual is Petit Miam – makes sense if your toddler’s having them anyway. So treating yourself to a grown-up yogurt with a special fruit compote or chocolate section? Bliss.

5. Watching The Crown

Those evenings where you get to finish a full episode of something on Netflix without falling asleep. Winning.

6. A trip to the hairdresser ALONE!

You’d usually be taking your toddler for a trim, in a constant slight cold sweat that he won’t sit still or might run riot.

So, getting to go on your own, sit in that chair, drink the herbal tea, have a head massage, read the magazines (yes, plural!), is a real delight.

7. Sleeping beyond 7.00am

Now that’s what they call a lie-in.

8. Wearing those earrings

You know the ones – big, beautiful, don’t-need-a-necklace earrings that make any outfit. Except they’re also baby eye candy, enticing her to pull on them at every opportunity. Ouch!

Got a babysitter for the evening? Out they come.

9. Wine time

Forget pouring it in the spag bol – that glass of red wine is predominantly being drunk by you.

10. Moments of silence

Before, you might've phoned a friend or put on the radio. Now? Sit back. Close eyes. Ahhhh…..

11. Going to the toilet by yourself

The peace and quiet of being in the bathroom alone with your, erm… thoughts.

12. A long bath

One without brightly coloured bubble bath, squeaky plastic toys or the potential for the room to be flooded.