Former Olympic swimmer and mum-of-three, Libby Trickett has opened up about some terrifying almost-drowning incidents with her own children.

Libby, who shares daughters Poppy, six, Edwina, three, and two-year-old, Bronte, with her husband Luke, has partnered with pool servicing business Poolwerx, after experiencing for herself just how quickly and silently a child can get into trouble in the water.

“We have had moments where we have been sitting poolside and they have slipped under the water so quickly and silently,” says Libby. tells Nine Honey.

“The first incident took place just before Bronte was born. I was sitting right next to [Eddie] and I must have turned my head and all a sudden she was under the water and I did not hear it at all.”

Libby says another terrifying almost-drowning incident took place on Boxing Day when Bronte slipped under water.

“We were not distracted. We were being really responsible, sitting right there, but yet we didn’t see or hear anything,” says Libby.

“I think the biggest thing for us was that even though we were not distracted by a phone or even another child or anything, something like this can happen. You can just look away for 10 seconds and they can slip into the water.”

Libby Trickett grew up in the water, but even she has experiences scary poolside moments with her little ones.

According to new research, eight in 10 Australian parents say they keep their phone with them poolside – an alarming result as the phone is a major distraction from the responsibilities required for a pool supervisor.

With 532 children under four having tragically drowned in Australia over the past 19 years, more than half (52%) occurring in swimming pools, Libby Trickett has teamed up with Poolwerx and are calling on everyone to take the Responsible Pool Person pledge this summer.

Research from Poolwerx shows more than 86 per cent of Australian parents believe there should be a designated supervisor at pool parties, so from 22-29 January Poolwerx is handing out free Responsible Pool Person hats to anyone who takes the pledge to make water safety a priority.

The hat is to be worn when supervising the kids poolside and handed over when the role shifts to another adult.

Libby urges parents to never be complacent around the pool, remain diligent and truly switched on when supervising.

“As a mum myself and a lover of all things water, watching my girls around the pool and ensuring as adults we’re doing everything we need to prepare, focus and be present while they’re having fun is really important,” she says.

“Having strong pool safety practices implemented early on for children is vital, and Poolwerx’ Responsible Pool pledge and bright yellow bucket hats show kids who’s watching, and why it’s important to be careful around the pool. This means the whole family can really capitalise on the opportunity to enjoy quality time in the pool and continue to develop comfort and competency in the water.”

Take the Poolwerx’ Responsible Pool pledge and receive a free yellow hat (offer available for a limited time) to be worn when supervising the kids poolside and handed over when the role shifts to another adult.

To ensure kids are safe in and around the pool this summer, Poolwerx and Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive do the Five have provided its top safety tips to check off before diving in.

1. Nominate a Responsible Pool Person to supervise – Nominate one or multiple people to act as a Responsible Pool Person, and wear their bright yellow bucket hat as they supervise those in and around the pool.

2. Ensure your pool is safe and secure – Check that all gates, fences and latches are in perfect working condition.

3. Ensure no ‘climbables’ near the fence – Any furniture that leans against the pool fence can act as a ladder for young kids to scale fences without parental knowledge. Ensure the space around the pool is clear at all times.

4. Reduce distraction and remove glass – No glass or drinks should be around the pool when in use. Don’t get distracted by your phone when children are in the pool area.

5. Maintain pool water health – Make sure your pool water is healthy and clear. To take the Responsible Pool Person pledge and claim your yellow bucket hat, visit Poolwerx.

Libby Trickett with her three daughters, Poppy, Edwina and Bronte.