To help you build healthy habits and become a champion of self-care, you need to focus on the importance of movement.

While 2020 has meant that making time for fitness and keeping self-care a priority more challenging than ever, exercise has so many benefits both mentally and physically.

Bounty Parents caught up with ex Australian sprinter, trainer and host of Better For It podcast, Katie Williams to chat all things fitness, from getting motivated to start to exercising with little ones in tow.

Katie even shares her favourite at-home workouts which can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

Get Started

It can be very hard to get motivated for at home workouts. There are always going to be excuses – I’m too tired, I don’t have time, I don’t have any equipment but it’s really important to just start and get moving, even if you’re a mama of little ones and are squeezing in the workouts during nap time!

Set Goals

Set goals and write them down. Whether it is walking for 30 minutes every day or doing a high intensity body weight workout, if you write it down it will keep you accountable. It’s also important to align these goals with what you love, I love to sweat so I do HITT workouts, if you love walking then do that, you have to do what’s right for your body.

Katie says the first step to getting fit is to just start and get moving.


Don’t forget to recover! Recovery and exercise go hand in hand and without each other you won’t get the full benefits. Recovery can include stretching, foam rolling, yoga, or going for a light walk to flush out the lactic acid, getting in those post workout shakes, eating high protein dinners, and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Listen to Your Body

My last tip is to listen to your body! If you are feeling exhausted or emotionally drained take a rest and start again tomorrow. You need rest and recovery to repair your muscles. Plus, when you feel fresh and energised you are going to get so much more out of your sessions.

Katie adds her daily serve of Comvita, Olive Leaf Extract to her post workout smoothies.

Swaps & Substitutes

Home workouts mean you might not have as much space as normal or not as much equipment, my advice is to embrace:

  • Body weight is your friend! I’m talking push ups / squats / lunges and planks! There are a stack of bodyweight exercises that are easy to do at home, you just need to get creative. Pick your exercise and keep it simple – set a timer for 15-20minutes and try to do as many rounds as you can).
  • Get yourself a yoga mat, 1 set of dumbbells, roughly 5-8 kg and some booty / resistance bands with these 3 alone you can work your full body! Plus throw in a skipping rope and that’s your cardio element to.
  • Find yourself an accountability partner, someone you can check in with, together you can motivate each other and swap workouts.
  • RUN! Running is free! Sand, grass, road and stairs are all fantastic surfaces to train on, all you need is a good set of sneakers and some music. Pro tip: update your running playlist and run to the beat!

If you’re training with a toddler in tow…

  • Take them to the park and move with them. Look for increasing your incidental exercise. For example you can ride a bike with them on the back, you can both kick a soccer ball outside. Any movement is better than not at all. Find little ways to move with them.
  • Try to get mini workouts in, perhaps while they are sleeping or napping.
  • Youtube has amazing free homework’s and yoga sessions.

Here are some of my favorite workouts

15 minute high intensity bodyweight workout

No equipment needed – this will get your heart rate peaking! It’s an AMRAP exercise (as many rounds as possible). I like to aim for 20x reps.

  • Half burpee (no push up)
  • Ice skaters
  • Sprinter lunge
  • In’s and outs
  • Kick sits (Shoot throughs)

All you’ll need is a water bottle and music

Don’t skip leg day! Home leg workout

  1. Sumo squat to calf raise 4×10
  2. Overhead squat with arm drive 4×10
  3. Curtsy lunge 4×10
  4. Bulgarian split squat 4×10
  5. Squat jump 4×10
  6. Glute bridge (tighten core) 4×10

20 minute Tabata Workout

40 seconds on 20 seconds off! Option; 30/30

Round 1:
Mountain climbers or plank knee to elbow
Squat jumps (option; body weight squat)
Commando’s with push up (option; on knees) X 3

Rest 2 minutes

Round 2:
Max height Burpees (Option; shallow burpee no push up, or step burpee no jump)
Hip Raises With Leg Extension
Jumping lunges (Option; reverse lunge, no jump) X 3

Katie Williams has teamed up with Comvita, Australia’s leading Olive Leaf Extract and Manuka Honey brand to speak about the daily habits that help her lead a healthy life and the different ways to to get out and get moving.

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