Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed tough new measures this week in a bid to control the spread of coronavirus, including the closure of non-essential services such as gyms. Combine this with the fact that many of us are self isolating at home with kids and working out can seem like an unattainable dream right now.

Fortunately many of our favourite local fitness celebrities, like Sam Wood and Chris Hemsworth are stepping up to the plate and providing video tutorials that take Australia’s ‘new normal’ into account, allowing us to squeeze a little fitness into our day whether the kids are with us or not.

Among them is Gold Coast fitness model and mum of two, Tammy Hembrow who has unveiled some workout videos showing that workouts really can be done at home – and the kids can even join in!

Tammy Hembrow

Fitness model, Tammy Hembrow’s at-home workouts can help you stay fit and well, even if you’re isolating with the kids!

The 24-year-old Instagram influencer, who has amassed a staggering 11 million followers, has seen a recent surge in people signing up to her fitness app Tammy Fit, which uses data about your goals, body, and preferences to create a weekly personally tailored workout schedule, as well gives diet tips and other health advice.

“You don’t necessarily need to go to a gym, there are plenty of exercises that can be done at home, both with your own bodyweight and equipment like weights and booty bands,” say Tammy.

And as a mum herself to children Wolf, four and Saskia, three, Tammy knows that it takes a lot of planning to stay fit, but for her it is worth the effort.

“If I’m not working out during the week, I feel more sluggish and have less energy,” says Tammy. “As a parent, you know that sometimes planning goes out the window.

“But certainly for me, keeping up my exercise schedule is really important for me to feel good with how busy I am and with two little kids.”

WATCH: Tammy Hembrow’s at-home workouts prove that kids shouldn’t stop you working out! Continues after video …

As for self-isolating, it’s something that Tammy and her family are taking very seriously.

Tammy’s sister and co-founder of Tammy Fit, Amy Hembrow says they’re doing it to keep their dad safe.

“We are all managing well,” she says. “We started by practicing social distancing and just being around family, our dad recently had surgery and has emphysema, so of course we don’t want to spread anything”

Soon to be a mum herself, Amy is taking isolation very seriously. “I’m self isolating,” she tells Bounty Parents. “I’m only leaving the house when absolutely necessary. I’m about to have a baby so I’m being extra careful.”

As for the strict new restrictions around pregnancy and coronavirus, Amy is remaining relatively calm.

“I’m in the midwife program at Gold Coast University Hospital and my midwife has been great at keeping me up to date with any changes,” says Amy. “She can contact me directly via text but so far there haven’t been any major changes. I’m allowed to have my partner and one other person with me for the birth at this time and I’m still having my appointments at the hospital for now.”

She may be self-isolating but, like her sister, Amy is determined to not let it impact her fitness, turning to the Tammy Fit exercises to keep her moving.

“Right now I’m loving the stretching, being so far along in my pregnancy I lose my breath easily,” Amy tells Bounty Parents. “Because I’m trying not to go outside I can’t go for my brisk walks as planned in the lead up to the baby, so I’ve been doing a lot of the stretches in the app, and the cooking!

“I mirror the stretches to my TV and spend a good amount of time stretching and meditating. I also enjoy jumping in the Tammy Fit Support Group on Facebook and connecting with other people, it’s important to feel connected at a time like this and the group is full of like minded people sharing the exercises they’re doing from the app, their tips, and the meals they’re cooking too.”

Tammy Hembrow’s tips for staying fit while self-isolating

Tammy identifies five key points to achieve exercise despite what looks like an impossible schedule:

  • Plan your week
  • Take care of your health – don’t overwhelm yourself
  • Forget perfection
  • Allocate your time responsibly
  • Enjoy small victories

Three of Tammy’s favourite exercises are:

  • Cable kickbacks
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute pull through

Since it launched in May 2018, Tammy Fit has been downloaded more than 500,000 times in more than 20 countries. Many download the app because it gives them the connection to Tammy, and sends push notifications, including if she is doing a booty workout etc, so members can do it with her via the live workouts!

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