By Alex Roberts

Are you panicking at the thought of how to keep your kids entertained during self-isolation? Is it time to paint over those grubby fingerprints on the walls and restore your home to a zen-like temple?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping us all indoors, why not plan a DIY family project that will bring joy and a splash of colour to your home?

The hints and tips below will help you get the most out of your time and the best results from your DIY project.

Designer, Alex Roberts is sharing her tips for home DIY’ing with your family during isolation.

What’s your goal? Scope out your project.

It’s worth considering the function of the room you’re going to makeover before you begin. Will you be sleeping or working there? Do you want to highlight a workspace or create a soft, cosy environment in which to relax?

You might like to paint a feature wall, give a whole room a makeover, or even give something new life instead of throwing it out – consider repainting old furniture, moving it to a new room, or changing the way it’s used.

If you’re making over a child’s bedroom, get them to pull together a moodboard, either via Pinterest or from old magazines. This will give you a sense of what colours and themes they’re drawn to, and is a great way to get them connected to the space and the DIY project.

Assemble the materials and assign roles and responsibilities for the project – eg. the foreman, DJ, tea master etc – and agree on the schedule for the makeover. You’re now ready to begin.

Even the littlest hands can be a part of the design process and execution of your home DIY project.

What to look for when selecting a colour scheme?

Painting is considered the fastest and most economical way to transform a space. Many Aussies at home social distancing are bringing joy into their spaces through DIY colour (see the #isolateanddecorate challenge for inspiration).

Start by looking at the pieces already in the space and work with them instead of against them. As a general rule, if you have lots of warm tones in your space (think pinks, yellow, orange etc) then stick to a warm palette, and visa versa with cool tones (keep greys, greens and blues together).

Blues and greens are generally calming because they remind you of nature (like clear skies and clean air), lending a subconscious feeling of wellness. A cooler white can be bright and fresh, but go for a warmer or more neutral tone if you’re after a cosier feel.

There are many ‘colour rules’ about what one should and shouldn’t use in space, but in the end, when you’re selecting a colour for your home, it can be as simple as making sure it’s a colour that you like, not one that you’ve been told to like.

Trust your instincts and roll with it. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with colour.

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Tips to DIY like a pro

Firstly, slightly boring, but essential: don’t skip the prep! It’s tempting to just get rolling but you’ll finish a room much quicker and get a nicer finish if you clean the walls, tape things up and prepare the surface first.

Secondly, take advantage of home delivery. The beauty of direct-to-consumer brands and home delivery mean there are still cost-friendly and safe options to update your living spaces while practicing safe social distancing.

Keep it local. There are so many great Australian brands on our doorstep. When it comes to home decor, I look to Australian brands like Tile Cloud for tiling, Linear Standard for hardware, handles and hooks or Miliou Milou for the most amazing linens. And you can always justify a purchase from the likes of Dowel Jones, Daniel Emma or Coco Flip, if you’re looking for an investment piece to keep.

Wholesome. Family. Fun.

When it comes to DIY, it’s as much about the process as the end result. Enjoy slowing down, using your hands, and seeing the transformation unfold.
It’s only a chore if you make it one. Bring the family together, provide some treats and put on a playlist. Painting, redecorating or even reorienting a room is a great way to get moving. Put your phone down, step away from social media and have a little fun together.

A DIY project is the ultimate weekend activity, and it’s not as intimidating as you might think. The plus side is also that once it’s done, the whole family will feel a real attachment to the space that you’ve transformed, together, with your own hands.

Don’t be afraid to DIY at least once in your life. Why not take this opportunity to give it a go

Alex Roberts is Product Development Manager and Chief Tint Officer of direct-to-consumer paint brand, Tint. With a selection of 70 curated colours, Tint provides premium, vegan, eco-friendly and low toxicity paints directly to your door. They take the pain out of buying paint, making your home renovations simple, rewarding and fun.