By Sonia Motum

For many, this Mother’s Day is going to be like no other. Mothers and families across the country will be adapting their annual rituals to staying at home.

When your routine is suddenly changed in a drastic way, it can be unsettling. Change and uncertainty can bring up feelings of fear, and this can quickly lead to a negative mindset. On a day like Mother’s Day, many mothers will struggle with managing this mindset amidst the feelings of missing out from their ‘normal’ celebrated rituals and lives.

Having a positive mindset may seem like a far-fetched goal, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with clearing your mind, then focus on minimising the impact of fear, and finally, embrace the joy and positivity with those around you to build a Mother’s Day you’ll remember forever.

Sonia Motum is a Mindset Expert and Coach at Energy Coaching.

Clear your mind

Remember that you are not alone. Thousands of mothers across the country and around the world are struggling with building a ‘new normal’, and it’s perfectly understandable to not have all the answers. During these times of change and great uncertainty, it is important to keep life functioning as ‘normal’ as possible, so prioritise continuing to live in whatever ways you can that work for you and your family.

While it is easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, focusing on negativity will further exacerbate the negativity you are feeling. Interrupt your unhelpful thoughts and make a conscious choice to focus on the positive. Shift your attention to your desired outcomes and goals for the day ahead.

Being aware of your mindset and focusing on the positives will go a long way to help your emotional wellbeing.

Manage the fear

Fear is our body’s way of keeping us safe and protecting us from danger. But just because we experience it, doesn’t mean we have to stay in it. The longer we stay in fear, the more anxious and overwhelmed we can become and the harder it is to pull ourselves out of the downward spiral.

Practice these six steps to manage your fear and shift to a positive mindset:

Choose trust over fear. When you are in a state of fear, you are drawing in more of what you fear and blocking what you desire in that moment.

Consciously recognise and release fear through the breath. A slow and steady inhale, breathing in trust and calmness, hold the state of trust and calmness, then on the exhale, breathing out any and all fear and anxiety. Allowing yourself to fully let go. Do this at least three times to reset your central nervous system.

Focus on possibilities. Ask yourself questions such as ‘What if I can?’ and ‘How could I?’, rather than why you can’t or haven’t done something.

Limit how much news you watch on a regular basis. Whilst it is important to stay informed, fast and breaking news is predominantly focused on the negative and therefore generates fear. Swap out watching news for listening to podcasts or doing online learning courses.

Take time each day to focus on gratitude. Be thankful for the good in your life, no matter how small the good is or feels. Be thankful for the sun, fresh air, your gifts and talents, loved ones, anything and everything that makes a positive difference in your life.

Meditate regularly. Meditation is scientifically proven to help with reducing stress and anxiety and developing a calm and centred inner state.

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Embrace your environment

The current environment may not be what you’re used to, but change always presents new opportunities. This Mother’s Day is a chance to do things differently and create new memories with your loved ones.

There are plenty of ways to spend family time together at home – from baking cakes and having breakfast in bed, to making home-made cards and artwork.If your children or loved ones are also struggling with negative thoughts, try practicing gratitude together. Each of you can share three things you are grateful for, and then celebrate those things throughout the day.

Remember, the current situation will not last forever. Happiness comes from love, connection and kindness, and these are all things we can give and share on Mother’s Day.