By Michelle Connolly

Warm up the spring rolls and get ready for a game of keepie uppie, it’s time to party!

Forget paying huge prices for custom made Bluey invites, get your free invites right here.

Everyone’s favourite cartoon Blue Heeler Bluey is the top of the list for children’s parties. Parents have been furiously pre-ordering Bluey toys and books to satisfy their kids demand for all things Bluey.

We’ve seen cake hacks, craft hacks, everything you need for your Bluey party!

And now you can get free Bluey invites for your kids to hand out at school.

All you will need is scissors and quick drying paper glue.


Ask a grown-up to help you cut out all the pieces from the template provided.
Carefully cut along the dotted line. Use this slit to close your invitation.
Turn the paper over and fold the sides into the centre to create an envelope.
Glue the party invitation to the inside of the envelope.

Download your invitations here.

This article first appeared on Practical Parenting and has been republished with permission.