Foods to help boost bub’s brain and mood during pregnancy

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Plus the foods you might want to avoid ...

The foods we eat whilst pregnant can impact the mental health and wellbeing of our babies in utero and beyond.

Fortunately the food we do need for baby, happens to be delicious for us as well! Check out the suggestions below …

Foods to avoid whilst pregnant

Consuming refined high-fat and sugar-rich foods whilst pregnant can potentially lead to issues with aggression, hyperactivity and emotional-behavioural dysregulation – not just physical health, as many may assume.

These foods include:

  • Processed foods (eg. chips, 2-minute noodles, chicken nuggets etc)
  • Sugary snacks (eg. chocolate, lollies, donuts etc)
  • Highly processed cereals (eg. Think anything with a sugary coating!)
  • Fast food (eg. burger chains, deep fried foods)
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The foods we eat whilst pregnant can impact the mental health and wellbeing of our babies in utero and beyond.

Best ‘mood foods’ to eat whilst pregnant

Eating a diet high in omega 3s, protein and iron can help aid baby’s brain development and mood in-utero. Jamie Oliver’s easy Mediterranean inspired recipes are a delicious way of ensuring you’re getting extra nutrients into yours and your baby’s diet. These foods include:

1. Omega-3s
How it helps: boost brain function
Where to find it: seafood (cooked, hot only), seaweed, chia seeds and walnuts
Jamie’s recipe ideas: Traditional Greek Mackerel, Red Mullet with Couscous and Pasta with Sardines

(Image: Jamie's Ministry of Food)

Leafy greens, beans and nuts are a great source of iron.

2. Protein
How it helps: assists with hormone balance
Where to find it: lean meats, eggs and cottage cheese
Jamie’s recipe ideas: Superfood Protein Loaf, Asparagus Frittata and Chicken Meatballs

3. Iron
How it helps: aids blood supply and oxygen to baby’s brain
Where to find it: leafy greens, beans and nuts
Jamie’s recipe ideas: Ribollita, Crostini with Greens and Green Bean Tagliatelle

The Good Foundation helps to improve the eating habits and overall wellbeing of Australians in every stage of life. For more information about Jamie’s Ministry of Food classes, visit:

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