Model, TV presenter and former The Biggest Loser star Fiona Falkiner has revealed she’s pregnant!

The 37-year-old is expecting her first child with fiancée, Hayley Willis.

Sharing the news to Instagram, alongside a stunning picture of Hayley cosying up to her bump, Fiona wrote:

“It’s official our little family will be gaining a member, baby Falkiner will be joining us in 2021. We are so excited about this new chapter of being mums together and giving this little bundle all the love in the world!”


Fiona finished by thanking everyone who sent well wishes while the couple were on their IVF journey.

“Thank you to everyone who sent us prayers and baby dust, it worked!!!!”

The podcast host of What The IVF? has previously opened up about her “traumatic” experience with IVF as her Hayley prepared to become first-time mums together.

“Obviously you have your partner but it can actually feel like a really lonely process,” Fiona told The Daily Telegraph in August.

“It is you and your body against all odds. Women don’t really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic.”



After a ‘traumatic’ IVF battle, Fiona Falkiner and her partner Hayley will become first-time mums in 2021.

Hayley, who proposed to Fiona in April 2019 after just eight months of dating, explained the pair both want to carry a child at some stage.

“Fi is going first because she is older. I really want to carry a bub too but Fi will go first just because of the body clock on fertility, so her going first is best,” Hayley told the publication.

“I will give it a crack after we have our first child,” the sports reporter added.

Fiona added that the couple want to “have the babies quite close to each other”, joking that they will “lose all the sleep at once”.


Hayley is planning to carry a baby shortly after Fiona.

In May this year, Fiona shared with her Instagram followers how she has struggled with her fertility and her ability to conceive.

“Fertility can be a scary word we don’t really like to talk about. Every day is hard, I have never questioned myself and my body so much,” she wrote.

“Trying to do all the things to make myself the perfect home for a little human, but sometimes even that is not enough.

“It’s a struggle mentally and physically and I just want to say to anyone else out there on this journey you are not alone!”

Fiona and Hayley have been in a relationship for approxiamately two years.
Fiona “came out” publicly for the first time in 2017, when she revealed she was dating personal trainer Lara Creber.