The best finger foods for first-timers combine healthiness and hold-ability with low choking risk. Click through our ideas below…

Introducing solids is an exciting time of exploration, wonder and, inevitably, rejection. As with each new developmental stage, remember that every child is going to be different.

Some like lumpy food, some don't. Some will try to grab the food from your plate, others will be more interested in watching the cat.

Babies will become interested in finger foods anywhere between the ages of six and 12 months, but this will also be determined by their fine motor skills (ability to pick up little objects and manipulate them in their fingers) and general inquisitiveness around food.

Don't be afraid to offer them unusual, stronger-tasting foods to encourage an adventurous approach to food – it's amazing how many bubs love olives, sushi and pickles!

The most important thing is to encourage exploration and fun, and don't worry if they get good and messy with it as this is a sure sign they are having the full sensory experience of texture, taste and smell – plus a face full of food makes for great photos!