Easter has long been associated with the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs and treasure hunts but what about using this day to further educate children in a meaningful way?

Story-telling and reading is a great way to promote child development and enhances intercultural understanding and communication, and Easter is the perfect time to snuggle in and get reading.

“To most children, the most outstanding elements of the Easter experience are the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts and the compulsory consumption of insane amounts of chocolate, ” says Brian Caswell, an early childhood literacy expert.

“This has been fertile ground for writers and illustrators of picture books. If your child ever dreamed of helping the Easter Bunny, imitating his generosity – or even meeting him – then then those kind of Easter books will be ideal choices.”

As an Early Childhood Literacy Expert, Brian Caswell believes that books written specifically for the Easter season can creatively engage your children.

“However, if your goal is to help your child understand the historical or religious story behind Easter, there are a number of books that retell the Easter story with children in mind too,” says Brian.

You’ll find Brian Caswell’s favourite Easter books for children in the gallery below.

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13 of the best Easter books to read your children