Refreshingly 'real', Chrissy Teigen has never kept her battle with postnatal depression and anxiety a secret, and now she's getting really candid about just what that experience looked like for her.

The mum of two beautiful kids, two-year-old Luna and five-month-old Miles, with musician husband John Legend has given an incredible interview to Glamour magazine, where she stresses the importance of sharing her experience with the world, to shed light on something that often goes undiscussed.

The Lip Sync Battle co-host was on set, dressed up as Millie Bobbie Brown's character from Stranger Things, months after Luna's arrival when she realised something was not quite right.

"I think the most surprising thing for me was that it happened three months after," Teigen says. "I thought postpartum was, you have the baby and you're sad. It was like, no. It sneaks up on a lot of people. That's why I thought it was important for me to talk about."

33-year-old Chrissy has just received Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year honour. (Image: Glamour/Tom Schirmacher)

It's no surprise that Chrissy is so open about her experience, she lets her fans into every aspect of her life, de-glamourising what would otherwise appear to be a pretty glamorous Hollywood life.

She may be one of the most recognisable stars the world has right now, but that wasn't always her goal.

"When I look at the most successful people around me, I feel like they all had plans," says the former Sports Illustrated model.

"But I never had a plan. Never. I used to be on anti-anxiety medication because I was confused. I didn't know where I was going in life. All I knew when I was younger, or when I was 18, was that I wanted kids and a husband."

And that she found, when her modelling work led her to the set of the 'Stereo' music video in 2007, where she met her super-talented "brainiac" husband, John Legend.

Despite being intimidated by John's fame and the circles in which he moved, Chrissy soon came into her own, becoming just as adored as her husband, mainly for her quick wit and the way she tweets exactly what is on her mind.

It was on social media that the 33-year-old soon became everyone's spirit animal with golden moments like the time President Trump tweeted, "We must keep 'evil' out of our country!" and Chrissy was quick to reply, "What time should we call your Uber?"

It's those moments that see her providing content for 'Chrissy Teigen most hilarious moment' round-ups on pretty much every website ever!

And for mothers, it's another kind of love. The way she shares her experiences from post-partum depression, to breastfeeding disasters and everything in between really does help shed some light on what motherhood can really be like. The highs and the lows, for everyone … even stars. For that her legions of fans include many mothers on that same journey, looking to Chrissy Teigen who validates everyone's experiences with great humour and authentic love.

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The gorgeous, social media super-star has just received Glamour magazine's Woman of the Year honour, alongside Viola Davis, Janelle Monáe, Betty Reid Soskin, Manal al-Sharif, Senator Kamala Harris, as well as The Sister Army, the survivors of Larry Nassar.

Chrissy Teigen's refreshingly honest take on motherhood has won her legions of fans. (Image: Glamour/Tom Schirmacher)