Sex during pregnancy

When you're pregnant you may find it difficult to get off the sofa, let alone enjoy some sexy time.

Even so, it's a good time to get creative and experiment with a few sex positions you may not have tried before and make the most of all those extra hormones surging through your body!

1. Rear entry

Known to some of us as doggy style, this position can be used safely all through pregnancy. You simply kneel on your hands and knees while your partner approaches from behind.

2. Woman on top

This position is ideal for pregnancy as not only does it ease any fears you may have about 'squashing' your bump, it allows you to control the depth of penetration.

By the way, it's impossible to squash or crush your baby in pregnancy as the amniotic fluid inside your womb safely cushions her.

3. Spoons

This is a nice restful position for late pregnancy! You lie on your side while your partner lies close behind you, facing the same way as you. To increase penetration you can bend your upper leg up and support it with one hand.

4. Sitting

Your partner sits on a chair and you sit on his lap, facing away from him. Not only does this keep your bump free, but you can also control the depth of penetration by taking your weight on your feet. Your partner will also find it easy to touch your breasts and clitoris in this position.

5. Missionary position

Yes, the good old man-on-top position should still be possible quite late into pregnancy, but you'll need to adapt it slightly. Rather than resting his weight on you, ask your partner to support his weight on his hands and knees and to hold his upper body more upright than usual to accommodate your bump.

And last but not least

Remember, if being pregnant does put you or your partner off the idea of penetrative sex, there are plenty of other ways for you to be intimate and satisfy each other.

Some couples may prefer to stick to kisses and cuddles, but oral sex, mutual masturbation and massage are all safe in pregnancy.

Make the most of it – after all, there won't be much happening between the sheets once your baby is born!

What the experts say

Sheila Kitzinger, author of The New Pregnancy and Childbirth says intimacy is an important part of pregnancy:

'It is important for your sense of well-being that you are physically loved in pregnancy, whether or not this involves sexual intercourse. Stroking, massage, loving touch, massage and sexual pleasuring are all part of this physical expression of your relationship.'