Ahead of the Big W’s highly anticipated annual Toy Mania Sale, Bounty Parents spoke with Parenting Expert, Dr Justin Coulson about just what kind of toys we should be keeping our eye out for.

“When we buy toys for our children, we look for toys that will be best for their development, but that aren’t specifically targeted at ‘education’,” says Dr Justin.

“Instead, we want them to help them develop almost by accident while they’re having fun. And we definitely subscribe to a ‘basic is best’ philosophy!”

He’s trawled the pages of the sale catalogue and come up with the best buys for Aussie parents in this year’s sale which we’re sharing for you in the gallery below …

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Dr Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts, author of 6 books on raising happy families, and the father of 6 daughters.

Dr Justin Coulson’s top 5 picks from the big W Toy Mania Sale:

Big W Toy Mania Sale 2020

Big W’s Toy Mania Sale begins online on June 16 and in-store on June 18 and ends July 15.

Even parenting experts are kids at heart, which Dr Justin proves with his one last recommendation …

“As a bonus, I love the Nerf N-strike elite… because what kid doesn’t love the idea of totally dominating the nerf war? And it’s a breathtaking price!”

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