Seeing a child make their first wobbly moves on a bike is in equal parts sweet and terrifying!

Once they master it, however, a whole new world of fun and fitness opens up as they learn to ride and glide in life with wheels.

However, before introducing a little one to their first bicycle, there’s a few things every parent should consider …

Choosing the right size bike for your child

While the idea of buying a bike that your child can grow with and grow into might be appealing to the hip pocket, it’s not always the best option for safety.

Bikes need to be the right size, weight and height for a child to be able to properly control and manoeuvre them safely. Age is not a good indicator alone, you should also consider height and ability before deciding which bike to go with.

A bike is the right size when:

  • The rider can sit comfortably on the seat while resting the balls of both feet firmly on the ground.
  • The rider can stand straddling the top bar of the bike with a noticeable clearance while both feet are flat on the ground (no tippy toes!)
  • The rider can each the handlebars comfortably when seating on the seat. Arms should have a slight bend, not be rod straight.
  • If the bike has handbrakes, the rider needs to be able to comfortably grip and apply enough pressure to stop the bike while riding seated.

Many bikes allow you to be able to adjust the handlebars and seats, it’s safest to ensure that your growing child fits the bike each time they ride.

And don’t forget a good fitting, safe helmet at all times!

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Bike riding is a skill for life.

10 of the best balance bikes

For some young riders, managing the steering, pedaling and braking of a bike comes quite naturally. For others, it’s quite normal for those skills to come as they master each one independently. For those kids, balance bikes (bikes without pedals) are a great option to get kids used to the feel and balance required to propel forwards on two wheels.

We’re shared some of our favourites in the gallery below …

10 great training wheel bikes

Bikes with training wheels are perfect for kids who need a little confidence while mastering the skills of steering, pedaling, pushing and braking. The two extra small wheels at the back of the bike provide stability and prevent tipping and falling.

And when your little rider is ready to branch out, the can be unscrewed so they can ride freely.

We’ve shared some of our favourite training wheel bikes in the gallery below …