Please note: this article contains images that some may consider graphic.

The art of birth photography is giving parents tangible memories from what can only be described as the most emotionally-charged life changing moment in a person's story.

As the journey of pregnancy comes to an end and a family is born, talented photographers are finding more and more creative ways to capture that experience forever.

Birth becomes Her holds an annual competition to highlight the beauty of both birth and photography, and recognise those who are doing it so well.

This year's competition received more than 1,200 images of births from photographers around the world.

"There is nothing more valuable than preserving memories from the very best days of your life," said the organisers of the competition.

Because quite simply, if you try to describe the energy, emotion and euphoria and pain of childbirth in words, you'll find yourself grasping for a description just beyond reach.

Fortunately talented photographers the world over are finding ways to capture the moment with incredible beauty and grace.

You'll find the best examples of that in the gallery of winners below.