Learning to swim at a young age is a beneficial skill that will stay with your child for the rest of their life.

Getting your toddler used to the water will make swimming lessons much easier, as well as eliminate any fears around water and the pool.

Being in the water engages your baby’s body by creating billions of new neurons as your baby kicks and splashes in the water.

Due to their delicate immune systems, doctors typically recommend that parents keep their babies from chlorinated pools until they’re about six-months-old.

The effects of chlorine on babies and children’s sensitive skin and hair can sometimes make swimming more of a chore than a fun experience.

According to paediatric dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Crawley, children’s skin is thinner than adult skin and they tend to spend longer in the pool than adults, making them more susceptible to the effects of chlorine on the skin.

Chlorine can:

• Strip the skin and hair of its natural oils
• Leave the skin feeling tight, dry and itchy
• Aggravate skin conditions such as atopy, eczema and psoriasis
• Make the hair dry and brittle
• Leave a strong smell lingering on skin and hair.

Children’s skin is thinner than adult skin and can be more susceptible to the effects of chlorine on the skin.

To counteract the negative effects of chlorine, Dr. Crawley recommends the following:

• Rinsing off with fresh water immediately after swimming
• Using a mild, natural cleanser for hair and body
• Using a high quality moisturiser with proven hydrating ingredients
• Washing the hair with a conditioning shampoo to help reduce dryness

Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim product will wash away chlorine, moisturise skin and help detangle your child’s hair.

Baby and child toiletries brand, Childs Farm has created Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim (RRP $10) to help replenish moisture in your little one’s skin, wash away post-swim chlorine and help detangle hair.

Founder and CEO of Childs Farm, Joanna Jensen, explains: “For little ones that suffer with sensitive skin, letting them go swimming isn’t always an easy choice for parents.

“Often the effects of chlorine and salty sea water can wreak havoc on their delicate skin and hair. While children may be having a ball in the water, trying to cleanse and recover the condition of their skin and hair afterwards can be a painful and teary process – take it from a mum who knows,” explains the Founder and CEO of Childs Farm.

“With the 3 in 1 Swim, moisturiser and hair detangler we’re hoping to try and make these types of activities that are so popular in everyday Australian life a little bit more manageable.”